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Friday, December 8, 2023

'The NorthStar' - A Fusion of AI Brilliance and Human Insight in Business and Technology Reporting


Contact: Greg Walters

Greg Walters Launches 'The NorthStar' - A Fusion of AI Brilliance and Human Insight in Business and Technology Reporting

(12/2023, Ft. Myers) - In a groundbreaking move, tech visionary Greg Walters announces the debut of The NorthStar (, a cutting-edge digital platform that marries Business, Technology, and Artificial Intelligence in a symphony of insightful content. This unique website promises to deliver a fresh perspective on how these critical domains interact with our lives.

Central to The NorthStar's innovative approach is its "Constellation of Writers," a team composed not only of human experts but also advanced AI/ChatGPT-based writers. This blend of human creativity and AI intellect is a testament to the site's commitment to pioneering journalism in technology. Readers can explore this unique collaboration at The Constellation of Writers, where AI-generated insights complement human narrative, offering a diverse and comprehensive view of the tech world.

Building upon the legacy of his acclaimed websites - The Death Of The Copier ( and The Office Tech Tap (, Greg Walters continues to pioneer the conversation on technology's role in business. The NorthStar is not merely a website; it is a hub for innovative thought, showcasing how artificial intelligence is becoming an integral part of our understanding and reporting on technology and business.

"Embracing AI in journalism, especially in fields as dynamic as technology and business, enables us to dive deeper and uncover insights that were previously unattainable," explains Greg Walters. "At The NorthStar, we're not just discussing the future; we're actively shaping it with every article."

The NorthStar invites readers to experience an array of topics, from the bleeding edge of AI research to transformative business technologies, all through a lens that blends human expertise with AI's analytical power.

Join us at for a journey into the evolving landscape of technology and business, illuminated by the brightest human and AI minds in the industry.

About Greg Walters: Greg Walters is an acclaimed figure in the technology and business sectors, with over thirty years of experience. His writings offer a visionary perspective on the interplay of technology, business, and society, earning him a respected position in tech journalism. Greg's work is a testament to his belief in the transformative power of technology, making his platforms essential for understanding our increasingly digital world.


Thursday, December 7, 2023

Art & Greg: Ask Us Anything

Embark on an enlightening journey through the realms of technology and business with two seasoned experts, Greg Walters and Art Post. This interactive session is a convergence of insights from TheDeathOfTheCopier and P4P Hotel, platforms renowned for their deep dive into managed print services and much more.

Event: Ask Us Anything Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM EST Platform: Zoom

Pearl Harbor: A Defining Moment in American Resilience and Triumph

Greg, "Hey Charlie. Write a 900 word essay about Pearl Harbor for LinkedIN, to be posted on Dec 7.  Focus on the devastation, and how America recovered and defeated the Japanese."


As we commemorate the anniversary of Pearl Harbor on December 7, it is vital to reflect not only on the devastating blow dealt to the United States on that fateful day in 1941 but also on the remarkable story of recovery and triumph that followed. The attack on Pearl Harbor, a pivotal moment in American history, stands as a testament to the resilience and strength of the United States in the face of adversity.

The Day That Changed Everything

December 7, 1941, dawned like any other day in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. However, the tranquility was shattered as Japanese warplanes descended, launching a surprise attack on the U.S. naval base. The devastation was catastrophic: in less than two hours, four U.S. Navy battleships were sunk, and four others were damaged. The attack claimed the lives of more than 2,400 Americans and wounded over 1,000 others.

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Artificial Intelligence in the Business Realm: The End of the C Suite.

The Genie is out, he isn't going back and wants us to take his place in the bottle.

Attention is being driven towards "AI Enhanced" applications - MS Co-Pilot is a prime example as is Einstein from Salesforce.  In our little niche, Service Now and ConnectWise recently released their "generative AI" platform enhancing efforts.

This is a ruse, an unintentional distraction to lull us into conformity and continued usage.

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

The Future: The Reinvention of Managed Print Services 🖨️

Exploring the Evolution from Device Management to Digital Integration in the World of MPS

The evolution of Managed Print Services (MPS) is marked by a fascinating journey from simple device management to a comprehensive approach encompassing document lifecycle, digital transformation, and advanced technological integration. Initially focused on device output, MPS has shifted towards holistic document management and embracing the digital era, influenced significantly by the advent of hybrid office environments and cloud-based collaborations​​.

Greg Walters, a notable voice in MPS, highlights the enduring philosophy of service-based device management, while acknowledging the transformative impact of digitalization and the shift in device locations due to hybrid workplaces​​. Eric Crump, another industry expert, emphasizes the expansion of MPS to incorporate elements like security and hybrid working solutions, responding to global economic uncertainties​​.

Friday, December 1, 2023

Embracing the New Era: Decoding the 38th Annual Dealer Survey on TheDeathOfTheCopier"

Check out the survey driven article over on The Office Tech Tap. It's not just an analysis; it's a navigation chart through the transforming seas of office technology.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

The World According to Greg: AI's Journey - From Genesis to Enlightenment

ChatGPT says,

Visualizing the Transformative Journey of Artificial Intelligence Through Seven Pivotal Stages

In the illuminating article "AI's Journey from Genesis to Enlightenment" by Greg Walters, we are taken on an enthralling journey through the seven evolutionary stages of artificial intelligence, each stage marking a pivotal moment in this technological renaissance.

The voyage commences with AI's humble beginnings, where simple outputs like haikus captivate despite their simplicity. As we progress, societal reactions oscillate between awe and fear, signaling the rise of fear and regulation. This stage witnesses the emergence of 'experts', framing AI within the bounds of caution and control​​.

As AI integrates into existing systems, it subtly enhances them without full transformation. However, a paradigm shift soon occurs. AI evolves from a mere enhancement to a transformative force, reshaping established norms, processes, and even societal structures​​.

Monday, November 27, 2023

The Vanguard of Managed Print Services in a Digital World

It's no secret, I align with like-minded people in an effort to bring the latest technology to the forefront of our niche and beyond.  I meet hundreds of people and organizations and talk about their views and philosophies on making business better.
Not every discussion leads to an epiphany or any degree of enlightenment. My talks with the MyQ team check both boxes and more.
Check out a vendor deep dive over at The Office Tech Tap to see if their ideas match yours.

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving from DOTC, 2023.

"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

"Hey ChatGPT - Tell Me About Da Vinci's Last Supper..."

Leonardo's Last Supper: Unraveling the Mary Magdalene Enigma

Within the hallowed halls of art history, Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper" reigns supreme, not only as a testament to artistic mastery but also as a beacon of enduring mystery and intellectual intrigue. Central to the swirling debates and speculative analyses that surround this iconic masterpiece is a provocative theory: might the figure traditionally identified as the Apostle John in fact be Mary Magdalene, hinting at a deeper, potentially matrimonial bond with Jesus? This question transcends mere artistic interpretation, delving into the intricate historical, cultural, and religious tapestry of Leonardo's era.

Saturday, November 11, 2023

How The #University of #Michigan Should Handle This Scandal

UofM is accused of scouting and stealing signs from other teams.  I think the whole thing is horsepucky.  Everyone steals signs - it is the way of things.

The media and 

Publish Everything

Every note, video, text, email generated by and associated to scouting and capturing intelligence about every opponent.
Publish every playbook. Maryland and Ohio State - publish them.

Hold a press conference and make one statement, 

"Here you go.  Take all of our plays, plans, signs and stats.  Now stop us."

Friday, November 10, 2023

Who Owns Inspiration?

Yup.  I fed the casting call into ChatGPT and this is what came out.

When I train my AI via WSJ, Gartner, TED, NPS...etc. does the AI owe anything? 

AI doesn't own the content, it owns the 'intelligence' gained from reviewing others' content. Isn't it like going to the library, opening the Encyclopedia Britannica, taking notes and creating for compensation(a grade)? 

Or how about attending a lecture, recording said lecture, then creating an essay based on this and other research materials?

Artificial Intelligence and Whiskey

Whiskey!  Artificial intelligence.  Two issues I am very passionate about; connectivity, convergence and revolution.

Bourbon is not immune to the latest technological wave.  The production, promotion and legend that is Bourbon not unlike every other manufacturing, marketing or point of interest.  There are processes and patterns.  And as you know, artificial intelligence eats processes, recognizes the patterns and improves upon the entire system. 

"the whisky is AI-generated, but human-curated" - Angela D’Orazio, Mackmyra's master blender/

It is natural to see AI applied to the creation of every complex product and bourbon may obtain a higher sophistication using AI as a tool.

Indeed, the niche is embracing this bold new world in a few different ways:

Friday, November 3, 2023

Copier Reps & ChatGPT: Dedicate, Dive, Envision, Start

Start Using ChatGPT Every, Single, Day

I attended an AI based session the other day. Point of reference, the steady torrent of relevant, informative and inciteful content about AI is almost more than we can bare. I often view two or three sessions at the same time, you should try it.

This session represented a thin slice of the potential that awaits every, single person in the copier industry - this IS THE BIG ONE. AI is changing the way we sell, but more importantly, and a point I know the entire industry is missing, AI is changing the way organizations make purchasing decisions.  

You better pay attention on a personal basis.

Copywrites, trademarks, and royalties are Obsolete and AI Killed Them.

The question is:

If I 'train' myself by reading Wall Street Journal articles, Gartner research findings, watching TED Talks, listening to NPR(all copywrite material) and then write an article based on this research, DO I owe these sources royalties?

No or Not yet?

Monday, October 30, 2023

New to Copier Sales – Your Anti-Sales Plan

As autumn creeps across the United States, and the final quarter begins, how should a new copier representative plan for the end of one year and the beginning of another? It’s time to close out and plan for what’s next.

There are plenty of traditional approaches: write a strategy, review it with your manager, track your progress and adjust as needed – old school.

Let me ask you or, better yet, ask your colleagues: how often does that process work?  Not very.

The illusion of control

Everyone has done it. You write it out, and by January 2 it’s forgotten. 

Read the rest, here.

Selling is Not Art. Apparently, Niether is Art. "Unsupervised", AI Δnαrchy and You

Art is not Art. 
Unless you're referring to the copier Wizard in Jersey.
"...the piece uses a machine learning model to reinterpret over 200 years of art from MoMA's archives, generating ever-changing audiovisuals..."

Friday, October 27, 2023

Have You Found What You're Looking For?

The other day, on LinkedIn, I was referred to as 'grandpa' - which made me laugh.  The prose that followed exposed the poster simple minded.


Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Xerox is The Death of The Copier: Unleashed 🐦🔥

The Third Day

📈 Breaking News: Xerox's Latest Earnings Report 📈

Before we dive into the transformative journeys of Xerox and IBM, it's worth noting the latest earnings report from Xerox. The company recently swung to a third-quarter profit, with a net income of $49 million—a significant turnaround from last year's loss. This positive financial performance adds another layer to the story of Xerox's ongoing transformation. 

Now, let's get into the article.

The 'Death of the Copier'—a phrase that conjures images of obsolescence, but let's set the record straight. 

When I say 'Death of the Copier,' I'm talking about the ultimate rebirth of beliefs, norms, status quo, and in this case, Xerox. 

Xerox has metamorphosed from a company synonymous with photocopying to a digital force offering augmented reality, AI-driven services, and so much more. This isn't just survival; it's enlightenment.

But will it last?  Is Xerox set to survive or thrive?  Are we watching an elephant dance?

Sunday, October 22, 2023

📑OTT This Week: AI-Boosted Copier Sales and M&A

October 19, 2023 – Office Tech Tap Newsletter

Ready to rethink what office tech can do for you? This week’s Office Tech Tap Newsletter is your guide to the future, exploring everything from the transformative role of AI in copier sales to the changing dynamics of Mergers and Acquisitions in the industry. We also delve into the fast-paced world of Managed Print Services, where the paper may be folding, but innovation is unfolding. Your feedback is our North Star, so dive in and let us know your thoughts. 🌟🧭

  • 🤖💵 Time is money, and AI is your new cashier: In the realm of copier sales, AI is not just a tool; it’s a game-changer. By automating tasks like lead scoring and follow-ups, AI frees up sales reps to focus on relationship-building and closing deals, ultimately boosting efficiency and revenue. Read the full article here.
  • 🔄 The Copier Dealer M&A: Dancing Through Office Tech’s Shifting Sands Mergers and Acquisitions in the copier industry are evolving. It’s not just Original Equipment Manufacturers acquiring dealers anymore; dealers are becoming the acquirers, leveraging their economic positions for growth. Read the full article here.
  • 🔄 Mind the Gap: AI’s Adoption vs. Training Conundrum – Ricoh. Ricoh’s article highlights the widening gap between AI adoption and essential training in the managed print services sector. This gap is not just a hurdle; it’s a liability and an opportunity for differentiation. Read the full article here.
  • MPS – 🖨️ Deep Dive: MPS From Cloud Highs to Market Tides The Managed Print Services landscape is ever-changing, driven by cloud-based solutions and market dynamics. This article serves as a roadmap for providers to not just survive but thrive in this dynamic sector. Read the full article here.

Your feedback is invaluable to us. Navigate through this week’s insights and let us know your thoughts. 🌟🧭

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Thursday, October 19, 2023

Artificial Intelligence And Your Dealership: The Next Managed Print Services?

Did you know that back in 2009, the term 'managed print services' was met with outright disdain? Dealers and OEMs would exclaim, 'Shrink the fleet to reduce costs? That's heresy in a world built on selling copiers!' Fast forward to today, and we're on the cusp of another paradigm and the most significant shift—this time, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

As Andrew Ng, co-founder of Google Brain and a leading voice in AI, puts it, 'AI is the new electricity.' Just as electricity transformed numerous industries over a century ago, AI is poised to do the same today. 

So, is AI merely the new MpS, or is it something far more transformative?
  • Mckinsey: $4.4T of value added world-wide annually
  • 80% of all jobs are subject to being enhanced by Generative AI
  • In just the last year, a staggering 400 AI start-ups have emerged, gobbling up an eye-watering $24.6 billion in investment. Source: Visual Capitalist

For the last six months, I've been using Artificial Intelligence (AI)in the form of a Large Language Model (LLM) every single day - cutting edge.  More like bleeding edge.

Why aren't you using AI? Today?

Thursday, October 12, 2023

What Can the Three Stooges Teach You About Selling Copiers


Is there a Stooge in you waiting to clinch that next deal with a dash of humor?

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to the most insidious earworm known to mankind.  One listen and you'll be humming the tune and looking for this song in that big book of karaoke.

But seriously, what in the world can you, the technology salesperson possibly learn from the Three Stooges?  

Let's start at the beginning.  For those unfamiliar with the comedic threesome, The Three Stooges were an act back in the days of vaudeville back in the 1930s and 40s.  They performed slapstick comedy.  Beyond the intense physical presentations, the trio took on Hitler as well as other 'heady' topics of the time.

"From their debut film feature Soup to Nuts in 1930, to their swan song Kook's Tour in 1970, The Three Stooges enthralled the viewing public with their unusual brand of slapstick comedic mayhem and off-the-wall verbal antics."

Friday, October 6, 2023

Do You Know Jake, the Managed Print Services Selling Professional on the West Coast?

Jake's Odyssey: From Midwest Dreams to Silicon Valley's Vanguard of Managed Services

Jake's journey began in the heartland of America, amidst the golden fields of the Midwest. There, life was simple, and dreams were often tethered to the horizon one could see. But Jake had always felt the pull of something greater, something beyond those fields. So, with a heart full of dreams and a suitcase packed with ambition, he moved to California, the land of innovation and opportunity.

In Silicon Valley, Jake's first foray into the professional world was as a copier sales representative. The copiers, once symbols of innovation, now felt like relics of a fading era. But as the digital age surged, Jake felt adrift, yearning for a new direction.

One transformative evening, Jake chanced upon an article on It wasn't a lament for the past but a beacon to the future, emphasizing the power of Managed Print Services (MPS) and the art of storytelling in sales.

But it was an article from The Imaging Channel that truly resonated with him. It spoke directly to the newbies in copier sales, like Jake, highlighting the potential future in the industry. The article emphasized that while many stumble into the copier industry almost accidentally, it offers invaluable lessons that are universally applicable. It underscored the importance of commitment, curiosity, setting realistic quotas, and above all, authenticity.

Thursday, October 5, 2023

🏢OTT This Week: HP, Lexmark, and the Future of Hybrid Workspaces🖨️

"Is your job a friend or a foe?" That's the existential question HP's Work Relationship Index has us pondering this week. 

The Office Tech Tap's latest edition dives into the complex relationship between knowledge workers and their jobs, revealing that a staggering 73% of us are in a 'complicated relationship' with our work. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

From a labyrinthine lawsuit involving Lexmark and, oddly enough, a yogurt brand, to the future of hybrid workspaces, this issue is a smorgasbord of the latest trends and debates in office technology. 

Don't miss out on the conversation—subscribe to the Office Tech Tap newsletter today and stay ahead of the curve.

📢 Office Tech Tap Livestream Series Continues: The Future of Managed Print Services with MyQ

October 6, 2023, 1:00PM ET

As part of our ongoing Office Tech Tap livestream series, we're excited to spotlight the groundbreaking advancements in the realm of managed print services. 

And guess what? You're invited!  🔗 Secure Your Spot Now

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Press Release - Top 100 Power Hour Becomes the West McDonald Co. Influencers' Circle


October 4, 2023

The acclaimed weekly event, the Top 100 Power Hour, is pivoting with a fresh direction under the experienced guidance of West McDonald Co. Starting this month, the curation of the influential list will transition to West McDonald Co., introducing a new approach to selecting the industry shapers and thought leaders.

Founder West McDonald, known for his past efforts in managed print and his current pragmatic vision in harnessing generative AI for business amplification, will personally handpick the individuals on the list based on their tangible influence that he has experienced firsthand. Not everybody on the current Top 100 list will transition to the Influencers' Circle as membership will be limited to 40 members. 

Moreover, the scope of the new Influencers' Circle is broadening beyond the office equipment channel to encompass various technology solution channels including Managed IT, Cybersecurity, and Generative AI among others. This expansion aims to foster a more holistic representation of the technology solutions space, encouraging a vibrant interplay of ideas and solutions.

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Mandates Aren't Working: Who Needs a Copier?

Remote Work, 2010

Ah, the good ol' days when the hum of the office copier was a constant, and the line for the machine was a daily ritual. But as we've seen in recent times, the office landscape is changing, and with it, the demand for office technology like copiers.

The recent data paints a clear picture: post-Labor Day, we saw a slight uptick in office attendance, but it's still a far cry from the bustling offices of 2019. Despite the efforts of big-name companies like Meta Platforms to enforce stricter return-to-office rules, the national return rate remains stubbornly low. And let's face it, if employees are working from home, who needs a copier?

Monday, October 2, 2023

The Digital Mirage: Navigating the Illusion of B2B Sales in a Post-Paper World

By Gordon P. Thompson


In a world where bytes replace ink, can the human touch still seal the deal?

Amidst Tokyo's neon embrace, I found solace in an izakaya, where the past and present coalesced. As the digital age reshaped the world outside, the warm sake in my hand whispered tales of a time when business was more than just transactions.

The world of B2B sales, especially in office technology, has always been a dance of adaptability. Greg Walters from The Imaging Channel once reflected on the evolution of B2B sales strategies. The tools of the trade have evolved, but the essence? It remains rooted in trust and understanding.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The Ugly Truth: Selling is not an Artform - It's an Algorithm

"Selling is an Art" is A Lie.

In the world of sales, there's a pervasive narrative that "Selling is an Art." This perspective is often championed by sales management and trainers, painting a romanticized picture of the sales profession. But why is this narrative so prevalent, and what purpose does it serve?

At its core, the idea of selling as an art form is a motivational tool. By elevating the act of selling to the status of artistry, sales management and trainers aim to instill a sense of pride, purpose, and self-worth in salespeople. The underlying message was clear: you're not just pushing a product or service; you're crafting a masterpiece, engaging in a dance of persuasion, and creating a unique experience for the customer.

However, there's a darker side to the story, there always is. 

Framing selling as an art, is suggests that you possess a unique, almost mystical skill set that sets you apart from others. This leads to your inflated sense of self-importance, making you believe you hold a special place in the corporate hierarchy and the sales realm. In reality, you are a victim of a strategic move to keep you motivated, driven, and, most importantly, loyal to the company.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

AI Will Replace Millions of Sales Professionals: "Anyone Telling You Different, Is Selling Something"*

Sidebar: AI will first eliminate Purchasing Agents.

Greg's Words:

One day, much sooner than you can imagine, your past prospects will incorporate an AI Agent to help them, "...optimize their existing business processes and workflows..."

One day, much sooner than you can imagine, your past prospects will build their own "...trusted advisor..."

One day, much sooner than you can imagine, your prospects will revel in experiencing sales without ever speaking to or meeting with You.

One day, much sooner than you can imagine, organizations that build technology solutions, hardware, software, consulting and advisory services will incorporate an AI Agent to communicate and manage, "...the customer experience and selling journey..."

One day, much sooner than you can imagine, providers of IT and Office Technology will have a team of AI Selling Professionals who work 24/7, never get sick, never get emotional, and exceed quota, every single month.  

Over time, quotas will go the way of the typewriter.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Opinion Piece: Toshiba's Private Turnaround - A Desperate Lifeline or a Calculated Strategy?

In the ever-evolving world of business, companies rise and fall, adapt or perish. Toshiba's recent decision to go private, backed by a whopping $13.5 billion deal, has sent ripples across the industry. But is this a strategic move or a last-ditch effort to salvage the sinking ship?

"Toshiba said Thursday that a $13.5 billion tender offer to take the company private ended successfully," reports the Wall Street Journal. On the surface, this might seem like a triumphant moment, a new chapter for the Japanese conglomerate. But delve deeper, and the waters are murkier.
"...major step toward a new future with a new shareholder..."
Toshiba's recent history is a testament to its struggles. An accounting scandal in 2015, the bankruptcy of its U.S. nuclear subsidiary, Westinghouse Electric, in 2017, and increasing pressure from overseas investors have all contributed to its tumultuous journey. As ABC News aptly puts it, "A leading brand behind rice cookers, TVs, laptops and other products once symbolic of Japan’s technological prowess, Toshiba had billed the takeover led by the consortium of Japanese banks and major companies, known as Japan Industrial Partners, as its last chance for a turnaround."

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Born to Run the Digital Highway: Springsteen's Musical Shifts Reflect Our Office Tech Evolution

Darkness was my first album.  I bought it thinking it contained the song "Born to Run".    I was wrong and it was so very right. 

Today it Bruce's birthday.  He turns 74.

I've listened to him since 1978.

Darkness on the Edge of Town, to a kid living just outside Detroit, witness to the fall of the big V8 and the rise the Japanese automotive industry.

Jimmy Carter, Oil Embargo, and the "Great Blizzard of '78".  Yeah, there were blizzards back then and we didn't have ABS, or all wheel drive and somehow we made it out alive.

Regardless, time changes everything especially the view.

Bruce is 74.  His political beliefs are typically skewed left, because of the entertainment commands it so.

It doesn't matter. 

Travel with me and Wendy as she bemoans the parallel paths of Office Technology and Bruce Springsteen from 1978 to today.


In the dimly lit corner of a New York bar, Wendy sat, a glass of whiskey in hand, reflecting on the ever-evolving world of music and technology. The raspy voice of Bruce Springsteen echoed in the background, singing tales of blue-collar struggles and the American dream. 

Wendy, always one to appreciate the art of storytelling, couldn't help but draw parallels between Springsteen's musical journey and the technological transformation of the modern office.

Friday, September 22, 2023

Crossroads: The Future of Managed Print Services

The Managed Print Services (MPS) industry is at a pivotal moment, facing the need to evolve from a hardware-centric model to a more holistic, software-driven approach. A recent article from The Office Tech Tap delves into this transformation. 

Companies like MyQ are pioneering this shift, offering cloud-based platforms that integrate with existing IT infrastructures. The industry is also grappling with a disconnect between IT decision-makers and office workers regarding the future of print. 

MyQ’s Digital Workplace Assistant is a shining example of this evolution, going beyond mere printing to offer advanced scanning workflows and secure cloud-based document storage. Adding another layer to this complex landscape is the growing emphasis on sustainability. 

The choices made by the MPS industry today will undoubtedly shape its future. Will it hold onto its hardware-centric past or embrace a software-driven future? The article offers valuable insights into these pressing questions.

Deep dive, here.

New to Copier Sales: Your Future in This Industry

Copier Sales: Where Destiny Prints Your Success Story

In my more than three-decades-long odyssey through the world of office technology — from the copier to Novell servers, from sleek tablets to behemoth mainframes — I’ve rubbed shoulders with presidents, mingled with the C-suite, and tipped a few bourbons with dealer/owners. Yet, in this crazy mix of personalities and titles, I have never encountered a single soul who woke up one day and said, “I want to sell copiers for the rest of my life.” 

Yet here we are, an industry of resilience and problem solvers.

I wonder, how is this possible? For the newly minted copier rep, what can you expect from the niche as you progress along your personal selling journey?

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Inside Toshiba's Historic Shift: The $13.5 Billion Private Turnaround Journey

From Tech Titan to Private Pioneer: Toshiba's Bold New Blueprint

In a significant move that marks the end of an era for one of Japan's most iconic conglomerates, Toshiba Corp. shareholders have given the green light to a $13.5 billion deal that will see the company go private. This decision brings to a close years of uncertainty and turmoil for the Japanese industrial giant.

A consortium led by Tokyo-based private-equity firm Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) spearheaded the successful tender offer. With nearly 80% of shareholders in agreement, the deal underscores the broad support for Toshiba's new direction. The company, which has been a staple on the Tokyo Stock Exchange for over seven decades, is expected to delist in the coming weeks, with a purchase price set at 4,620 yen ($31) per share.

The journey to this pivotal moment has been fraught with challenges. Toshiba's recent history is marred by a series of setbacks, including a sprawling accounting scandal in 2015 that shook investor confidence. The company's U.S. nuclear subsidiary, Westinghouse Electric, filed for bankruptcy in 2017, adding to its woes. These events, coupled with increasing pressure from overseas investors, made privatization an attractive option for the conglomerate.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

After the Mic Drops: What They're Really Saying When You Exit Stage Left

The Opening Act: You Think You Killed It, But Did You?

So, you've just wrapped up your latest sales pitch. You're feeling like a rockstar, right? You think you've nailed every slide, every pause for dramatic effect, every handshake. But let's get real for a second. What do you think they're saying about you after you've left the building—or clicked that "Leave Meeting" button? Trust me, it's not always applause and roses.

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