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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Press Release - Walters & Shutwell


Greg Walters and Jennifer Shutwell combine forces to provide illumination, analysis, management and mentoring for a transforming industry.

Walters & Shutwell, announces a complete regimen of webinars and events designed help people communicate and navigate the complexities of changing business processes.

Davidson, NC, July 16, 2012: With over four decades of tactical and strategic experience in managed services, systems integration, professional selling and management, Walters & Shutwell is uniquely positioned to help people redesign the status quo, identify opportunities and thrive in transformative times.

"Jennifer and I are excited to offer our services and know-how to the imaging and other industries. We see a vibrant niche hungering for new approaches and fresh ideas in mobility, communications and personal acceleration”, said Greg Walters, “Jennifer brings years of enterprise level sophistication and panache. She easily builds relationships and communicates trust with people.”

Headquartered in Davidson, NC, Walters & Shutwell is a Communication and Mobile Force Transformation practice conducting business anywhere on the planet – “Mobile Force” is not simply un-tethered workers. It is freedom.

Their first series of events grow out of the imagining niche with titles like, “How to Steal a Customer” and “MpS Confidential: How to Buy Managed Print Services” then segue into “Finding personal balance in Chaos” and “Communication and Inside Transformation”.
“In the technological realm, process sometimes takes precedent over people.

People are not ‘commodities’ or ‘assets’. We’re living, breathing, brilliant possibilities“, says Jennifer Shutwell, “Our mission is to simply reveal hidden possibilities in an increasingly complex world. We look forward to working with companies and individuals looking for what's next…”

For more information about Greg and Jennifer, as well as a list of services, go to


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Current Status: Managed Print Services

Five years in the making.

Four MPS Conferences under the belt. Hundreds of shows, Webinars, meetings, seminars, interviews, presentations, symposiums, training sessions and program rollouts.

Thousands of words, blogs, tweets. And one MPS practice later, what do I see as the current status of our little niche, imaging?

In a phrase, contracting-expansion.

From this year’s iTEX to Photizo’s Transform in May, I’ve found

Read it all Here...

Friday, July 6, 2012

A Look at The New Managed Print Services...

Three Aspects of the New MpS

Hype, fact or a little of both – it doesn’t matter; Big Data is here and it’s growing.

Beyond describing Big Data as everything that has ever been digitized, printed, viewed, tweeted, posted, scanned and/or blogged, how can we maximize our position within the realm?

To begin with, let’s define BD by saying it’s a “great big hard drive in the sky,” like a cloud – go figure. If you’re interested in more, I wrote about it a million years ago (March 2012).

However you think about the cloud – or more importantly

For the rest of the story...go Here.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth...

Fourth of July, 2012...

The economy is in a shambles, some think the current resident of the White House is a Socialist, the marketing pundits are dividing us by class, by generation, and claiming that 'Washington doesn't listen to us' any more.

The "1%r's" are made up, fictitious, labels concocted by separatists losers looking to blame anyone else but themselves - get back to class or your parents basement - and yet they get time on the evening news.

More and more, we hear the self-loathing, destructive belief that somehow, the greatest nation in history is separate from her government and responsible for all the wrongs in this world.

This is exasperating and a product of a portion of the populace who have shunned their history.

They've done worse than ignore, they've decided that this nation was founded on evil, disguised imperialism, destructive consumerism, racism, and War. They spout off about how God had nothing to do with the birth of America.

How sad. How ignorant. And how predictable.

...the rest of the story...

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Rising Stars Of Managed Print Services and Beyond: Constellation 3

Rising Stars - Constellation Three

Over on DOTC, I've posted the Rising Stars of MpS, two separate times. Here and Here.

This time around, our categories expand beyond MpS providers and infrastructure into media concerns and software tools. The software tools are not assessment, billing or monitoring based - think personal productivity in a world gone mobile.

We also examine the Falling Stars - those entities that seem to be out of step, misguided, self-centered or just plain delusional.

Technology is the theme, but MpS is the root.


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Sunday, July 1, 2012

MSFT to Bulid Surface: But What About HP? Karma Isn't Just an Electric Car

The MSFT Surface is making headlines all over as yet another software manufacturer steps into the hardware business,

Everybody is doing it - Google, MSFT...okay, not everybody.

As the usual technology pundits air out their sponsored 'opinions', am I the only one who is hearing desperate cries over at HP?

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