Monday, May 16, 2022

Walt's Weekly Words - Week 3

This week the "Suck ups" at work still suck but #WFH is softening the blow.

Social Media and freedom of speech are big subjects. Musk isn't the only one purchasing stock - Carl dips into the Xerox pool, twice in April.

Twitter is in the process of being purchased as one side of the aisle gains ten's of thousands of followers overnight while the other side loses thousands. Meanwhile, Twitter, for the second time, admits to overestimating the number of subscribers - Twitter utilizes a proprietary algorithm to calculate "active users".

The 'Twitter Experience' is shedding light on the entire social media construct. From Twitter to Google, to FaceBook, the sheen is off the rose as Musk may crack open the entire SEO/algorithm/fact-checking/shadow banning/account suspension schemes from ALL the platforms.

In more media news, the Biden administration rolled out its, “Disinformation Governance Board” under the Department of Homeland Security a move that has been in the works.

The timing is kismet.

On the WorkFromAnywhere front, studies continue to support increased productivity and profits generated during the great Covid lockdowns as the argument for employees returning to the cubicle grows louder. Critics and observers are citing negative psychological, economic, and diversification impacts of the #WFH movement.

Your MPSA published 10 points of the "2022 Print Industry Trends" by Louella Fernandes, great over the horizon points.

Enjoy the weekend reads.

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Saturday, May 14, 2022

Managed Print Services 2007 to 2022: That Was Then, This Is Now

The managed print services (MPS) renaissance of 2022 rolls on, and it got me thinking: What’s the difference between then and now?

Let’s compare, shall we?

2007 – That Was Then

OEMs – Believe it or not, few OEMs had viable MPS practices, departments, or divisions.  If an idea did not perpetuate or drag copier devices with the sale, it was not considered.

Supplies – This sector asserted to have been in managed print services for 20 years, which of course was impossible.  This claim was an indicator of how the industry was going to equate MPS with selling supplies.

Dealers – Resellers were dubious and at times hostile to the concept of managed print services. The first rule of MPS was “reduce the cost of print,” which quickly translated into lower revenue. More importantly, MPS negatively impacted the golden goose – service revenue.  A sales mantra was, “We can reduce the costs associated with your print by 30%.” Who in their right mind would knowingly reduce revenue by 30%?

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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Area 00 of the Z22 MpS Renaissance Model.

The #DeathofTheCopier #MpS Renesiance Model, Z22.  "Area 00".  

The DOTC RenMPS Z22 includes a pre-amble in Area 00, something I've not seen on any other MPS Model.

If your MPS practice has failed or is struggling, you probably didn't completely utilize Area 00.

For starters, SWOT is a necessary step in Area 00, something I'm sure you conducted before getting into MpS. 

There are three pillars of Area 00:

#Marketing / #Sales

Area 00 is the planning stage of MPS.  An internal analysis, and structure build before going to market.

It is very important.

Monday, May 9, 2022

Walt's Weekly Words - Week 2

New this week.

The #RTO return to office movement chugs along, policies are being drawn up - some stacked against the employee. Big Blue is using Slack to wedge into the hybrid model - irony as IBM is a foundational member of the Work in the Office model.

If there is one word that describes the copier industry it is "resiliency", three groups of work from anywhere employees are developing and of all things, managed print services is still your leverage point into the future.


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Saturday, May 7, 2022


With all that's going on in the world, deja vu is all over the place:

  • The Russians/Soviets are the enemy, again.
  • The word "Stagflation" is being used, again. 
  • Gasoline prices are through the roof, again.
  • Interest rates getting to double digits, again.
  • Huge political turmoil, again.
  • Abortion rights in the news, again.
  • The President of the United States is international befuddlement, again.
  • The US is in a proxy war, halfway across the world, again.

Back to the 70s - 

Then-President Jimmy Carter got on national television, all three channels, and told citizens of the greatest nation in history to "turn down" thermostats to conserve energy.  Gas prices crept up to 86 cents after a decade of below 40 cents per gallon.  

The national speed limit went from 75 to 55MPH for the dual purpose to conserve fuel and saving lives.  Studies reveal the latter did not occur.

Euthanasia, Karen Quinlan, Save the Whales, abortion, and No Nukes were the social issues of the day.

Japan was taking business away from the Big Three automakers, and Detroit was in an economic tailspin.  "Stagflation" ruled and everyone was afraid of the Soviet Union.  

Hostages in Iran, Marines died in the desert in a failed rescue attempt.

Are we in a Billy Joel video?  No.  No, we are not.

But we, a Nation, have been here before and we will be here again and again.  It was bad back then in the 70s.  It was bad in the 60s.  Some say it's bad right now.

It is nothing new and we'll get through this, like your parents and your parents, parents did.

And exactly how your kids will, too.

Do you like Sax?  Of course, you do...

Friday, May 6, 2022

Office Snacks: Zooming Away

I've been saying this for years.  The beer on tap in the break room, blue jean Fridays, Taco Tuesdays, donuts after 5 PM, foosball, espresso machines, company BBQ, and EXTRAVAGANT, high budget Christmas parties are all velvet handcuffs.

Don't get me wrong - I HAPPILY ENJOYED every cup of fresh brewed, every single company-sponsored, 12 Martini lunches, each trip, shot, and slab of meat provided.

I did and I would again.

But I understood the assignment - and the game - and appreciated it in the manner it is offered.  

  • The Cinco De Mayo lunch is a payoff.  
  • The breakfast just before a technology show is a payoff.
  • The client appreciation dinner is a payoff.
  • Tickets to the Bucks game?  Not just a playoff. You guessed it, payoff.

The manipulation is more insidious when not recognized.  Once you see the motives behind the gestures, you have control.  

It's called the "Observer Effect" - "...the disturbance of an observed system by the act of observation..."

So chow down on those free granola bars, chug the draft, but keep  "observing the system."

Who is zooming who?

"You think you're smooth
And you can pick and choose when the time is right
But just look behind, you'll be surprised..."

Thursday, May 5, 2022

New and Improved Managed Print Services Model, "Z22"

Managed Print Services has been around for decades and as a concept offers the opportunity to expand beyond the printed document.  It always has been.

Things change, they always do, and this is true for managed print services.  I was involved with developing an MpS model back in 2007 and again later, twice, with the MPSA.

There is no wrong model - there's just a more 'right' model.  Mine.  Which is now yours.

The typical, status quo MPS model stands on three basic phases, "Control", "Optimize" and "Enhance" and is progressed sequentially, with a Beginning and a Terminus.

I never liked it as a step-by-step process.  Managed print Services is an ongoing system - what today we call a "flywheel".  

So when looking at the above illustration, you'll notice there are no arrows.  Sure, the hexagons sport numerals, and yes, you must start with Hex"00" and bounce through the remaining areas, but the process can move from 02 to 01 to 03; non-sequential.

Here is your new and improved MpS Renaissance Model, Z22: 

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Happy #MayTheFourth

On a hot August, Florida evening in 1977, my family and I stood in line.

My father never liked standing in line, but if you've been to Florida on a family vacation, standing in line is ubiquitous - in line at Disney, in line for dinner, in a line of traffic - the trip down I-75 was a continuous line into a world of lines.

This night was different, we were standing in line to see something we could have seen back in Westland but the buzz rivaled Space Mountain.

For the first and last time, my family and I would stand in a line to see a movie.  In the land of the Mouse, the family Walters was waiting to see a movie called "Star Wars".
The critics were not happy, calling out shallow characters, and a predictable, "Arthurian" plotline.  

The critics didn't know squat.  

When it was all said and done, some movie-goers will have sat and watched this movie 50, 60 times. In a theater.  

Lunch boxes, Christmas specials and you know the rest.

Over the next few years, I would see the same movie five times, read the book dozens of times, and listen to the entire soundtrack before each and every Highschool football game.  (I'm told I sounded like a Tie Fighter coming through the line.  This I do not remember)

Back then, in 9th grade, I was lucky enough to have a film class.  In film class, we made a movie.  

I had no idea how to make a movie(8MM, black and white, no sound) All I knew was that film is an easy "A".

A buddy and I sat on the floor of the school and scooted around on our butts while the brains of the operation filmed us.  Up one square, click.  Another square, 'click'.  This went on for 9 weeks.  It was stop-action and we raced around the halls zooming every which way...

At the end of the semester, our film was the best in class.  Although the writer, director, cameraman, and editor did all the work(one guy) each of us received an A.

Fast forward about 20 years, I am watching the making of Phantom Menace when I recognize a face on the screen - there was the guy who made the movie back in 9th grade.  Doug Chiang.  I fell out of my chair.

Doug has gone on to win multiple Oscars working with GL and the ILM.

My one claim to fame in Hollywood is staring in Doug's first feature film.  His people have not returned my people's many calls.  :-)

Happy May the Fourth!

Doug and George
Doug Chiang, whose first movie I starred in, and some other dude.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Walt's Weekly Words - Week 1

hile researching/roaming the inter-webs I find interesting, #Evernote worthy, pieces. Here are a few transformational tidbits, webcasts, and content vetted by me, for you.

#WorkRemote, get paid less? The battle dividing offices will define the future of work 
| US work & careers | The Guardian

"In addition, up to half of America’s jobs are projected to be freelance by 2030 and two-thirds of employers now regard some form of remote work or hybrid work as “the new norm”. Many companies are declaring themselves “fully remote”, giving them a competitive edge over those requiring presenteeism."

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