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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

AI's Ticking Clock: Time-Saver or Time-Bomb?

AI: Because who doesn't love a side of existential dread with their efficiency?

Greg's Words

I'm sure you're not as immersed as I am in the whole AI/ChatGPT thing.  I'm also confident my friends, family, and some colleagues are getting sick of me talking about AI, Nvidia, Microsoft, OpenAI, Musk, the commercial real estate bubble, dying cities, the fear of covid, digitized workflow, and artificial intelligence. 

So be it.

I talk with business owners, end-users, and OEMs in many different industries - from manufacturing to CBE - and I've noticed a dichotomy in AI knowledge; either somebody knows a great deal or absolutely nothing about how AI helps companies reduce costs, grow sales and increase profits.

And that's okay.

Sure, with a bit of study, the current AI can help marketing, service, and sales digest and create proposals and correspondence, interface with customers, and produce expert-level, acumen-based content for your professional sales team. All of this impacts the cost side of the equation.  
It is too early for an Office Technology provider to bring anything to market besides knowledge and advice gleaned from using AI.  As far as a resellable service, or MRR SaaS model, there are no SKUs and very few experts. Yet, at the current pace of innovation, it won't be long.

Some of the "fog" around an AI-based product to Office Technology includes ethical questions we typically haven't had to face.  

It would be normally prudent to suggest that bringing AI to your existing copier customers is five years away.  From the historic view, you would be correct to think this, but this isn't normal, we aren't normal, we left Normalville about four years ago. I wouldn't be surprised to see a few AI systems in beta or ready to sell by year's end; say Q1, 2024.  

The clock is running, and time is the fire we all burn in, for now, feast upon a conglomeration of articles about AI, languages, and the end of the world.


Executive Summary:
  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making tremendous strides in streamlining global communication and enhancing productivity in sectors like manufacturing, bringing forth unparalleled time-saving benefits.
  2. As we embrace AI's advancements, we're also faced with significant ethical concerns, notably regarding AI datasets and accountability, as well as the chilling possibility of a 'runaway AI' scenario.
  3. Recognizing and balancing these dual aspects of AI – its transformative potential and its ethical and existential risks – is important as we navigate the era of AI.

Taming the Digital Dragon: Global Regulation on Artificial Intelligence?

Balancing Innovation and Security in a Tech-Driven World

"...It will likely take an AI-related catastrophe before any international rulebook or organization begins regulating AI technologies..."

Greg's Words

I despise rules; not Natural rules.  The man-made, legislative acts posed as 'protective' and oriented around 'safety' have devolved from logical to constrictive. Worse, the narratives behind laws, rules, regulations, and mandates have either become more transparent or simply more blatantly 'anti-fun' used to prop up old structures.

I bristle when I hear clamor about "how we need to slow down" AI development with guardrails and committees.  For me, it is both too Early and too Late to control AI Evolution.  The Genie is out of the bottle; the first of many more bottles to come.

But here's the fulcrum of my belief:  If AI were going to make us extinct, it would have done so a long time ago.

The masses are mystified by today's ChatGPT.  I stress the current version is a civilian edition.  Would I be the only person who thinks what we are using today is a decade behind what DARPA and others have bubbled away in some underground lab somewhere?

I can't be.

All this panic talk about slowing things down is hogwash put forward by people who up until three months ago couldn't spell "AI" let alone put together a reasonable prompt.

No no, dear reader.  The AI isn't going 'extinct' us.  BUT - this isn't to say a bad actor isn't going to use AI to try. I'll let the military handle that one.

What is needed with AI is a body of folks who will craft reasonable rules of engagement and policies designed to accelerate innovation AND illuminate all the possibilities of AI.

We don't need more laws.

Check out this summary of this article.

Executive Summary:
  1. As AI technologies become increasingly integral and potentially harmful, leading voices within the field argue that regulation of these technologies should be a global priority.
  2. Despite industry support for AI regulation, tangible action has yet to be taken by policymakers, who remain more focused on other pressing issues such as limiting China's access to critical resources and establishing shared terminology around AI risks.
  3. Significant challenges lie ahead in navigating global regulations, with current models unable to keep pace with the rapid evolution of AI. Advocates suggest that companies should preemptively adopt potential regulations and safety standards, ideally leading to broader global implementation.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Heat Above - Greta Van Fleet and Office Technology

One word.  Wow.

Bob Seger, Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, the Romantics, and so many...the list includes Greta Van Fleet all from  Detroit, the Home of Rock n RollBABY! ( I know, I know, Greta is from Frankenmuth, just go with it)  The moniker is borrowed from a real lady.

Yeah, there is a bunch of Led, Rush, Queen, Prince, and REO(who uses an organ nowadays?) and even 60s hippie, blues shit in this - with this release, these guys blow through the "Led imitator" and come away unique, familiar and cutting edge.  

I've got a story about how an 11PM bourbon tour became a Greta Van Fleet play fest until 4AM.  I was slinging bourbon and pitching the Mp3s.  We played every single Greta song and were impressed. Until we lit up Black Dog.  We swore never to play Greta again.  We were wrong.

Anyway, is Greta Van Fleet a metaphor for today's Office Technology realm?

Oh hell yes.

Thursday, May 25, 2023

The Copying Conundrum: Navigating the Intricacies of Copier and Managed Print Services - West McDonald, The Cannata Report

Greg's Words

Artificial intelligence is all the rage right now; bigger than the digital copier, the laser printer, Xerox's, Sharp's, and HP's dealer conferences and earnings calls.  It's bigger than the first calculator, the PC, Novel networks, the cellphone, and the smartphone.

AI, in 2023, is bigger than the discovery of fire or the invention of the wheel - this is not hyperbole and I know hyperbole.

West takes on the initial tremor of AI in our little niche.  Good stuff.

Here is a ChatGPT-generated summary of the great, human-created article over at the Cannata Report.

The prompt, 
"Write a concise summary of the article, covering the main points, context, and any relevant details in a business casual style, in 500 words with a 3-point highlight paragraph. Write a LinkedIn post of close to 1350 characters and pull one quote from the article, and write a tweet.

Write a title and a funny tagline, a search question, comma delimited keyword list, and an introduction paragraph based on SEO for the copier industry and copier and managed print services resellers.

Do not use the phrase, In conclusion.
Irony. Enjoy.

Notable Trends in Print Management and MPS - The Cannata Report and Me.

Greg's Words

Scott was the first writer, a real writer, to interview me back in 2009ish.

This piece is an accumulation of interviews by Scott, outlining a good, collection of views and trends within the managed print services niche.

Managed print Services 'died' the day the OEMs reanimated MpS in their own likeness. 

"What is dead, may never die."  The most notable trend in Managed print Services is that it is alive and kicking.

Check it out.


Harnessing AI: A Game-Changer for Managed Print Services

Where AI meets ink – redefining the print management landscape.

Key Highlights:
  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds the potential to revolutionize print management and Managed Print Services (MPS), adding efficiency, security, and advanced features.
  2. AI can enhance print security by providing forensic accounting and intrusion prevention, bolstering the overall cybersecurity profile of the MPS landscape.
  3. Intelligent document processing (IDP), a new AI-powered technology, promises to streamline the handling of unstructured data, improving workflow accuracy and efficiency.
Greg's Words

No matter what the innovation, we are always left with a final statement and question:  "This is great technology and really interesting ideas - but, how can I generate revenue, today, with this?"  

With Artificial Intelligence, most of the financial impact is on the cost reduction, and increased productivity side of the equation.  Sure, we can reduce the cost of doing work with AI.  We can interface with prospects and customers with AI ChatBots, with no problem.  The cost benefits are obvious.  But putting together a product based on AI, for my existing Office Technology clients, is a major challenge.

AI is considered a process-enhancing solution.
It's like the inventors of refrigeration - they didn't get rich, but the companies that used refrigeration, like Coke, did.

We need to find that "Coke".

Meanwhile, folks in our niche are beginning to see, and talk about how AI will 'impact' managed print services, and to be frank, it is not new. it's just faster.

I have no doubt that we will see AI 'products' on the market within the next few months, before the end of the year.

We've put together a quick synopsis of the current outlook for MpS as the waves of AI wash onto our shores.


Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Selling Copiers in the Big City - Don't Mind the Maggots

Is there a better picture illustrating NYC's struggles?
Greg's Words

Not to kick someone when they are down, but NYC is in bad shape with crime is a symptom of failed, short-sighted, agenda-driven, and ignorant policies.  

The exodus, the move to remote work, and the hollow, transparent arguments from the mayor to return to the cubicle combined with a deep seeded sense of victimhood, conscious bias, and entitlement, swirl together in a rank, putrid, oozing sense of doom.

Why would ANYONE want to put themselves through this gauntlet, just to 'collaborate in person'?

New York City was on my list of Greg's Top Ten cities in the US - New York, San Fransisco, Seattle, Chicago, Portland, Las Vegas, Laguna Beach, San Diego, South Beach(Miami), and Scottsdale.

Honorable mention: Milwaukee, and Detroit which are dangerous, but manageable.
The sun goes down
The night rolls in
You can feel it
Starting all over again
The moon comes up
And the music calls...
Here's the rub - As you(we) sell and support Office Technology within the city limits, the number of prospects in those cities has tumbled with no possible increase for the foreseeable future.

How are you going to continue to grow and build your book of office technology business when employees don't want to come to an office?  Crime, or the PERCEPTION of possible harm, not only hurts the image of once great(the return to greatness will happen) cities but degrades the opportunity for you to sell more copiers, IT services, managed print, scanners, document management software, etc.

It's just one more 'thing'.  There are great people in Chicago, New York, San Fransisco, and all the other cities on the path Detroit has been traveling since the 70s - they will come back, better, stronger and different.

In the meantime, those who stay may be Champions.  You love The City, your city, "It's in your moves
It's in your blood".  

Hang in there, everything changes.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Artificial Intelligence in Education: ChatGPT Brings One-on-One Teaching to Scale

Title: "Khan Academy is using ChatGPT to bring one-on-one teaching to scale."
Source: The Wall Street Journal
Date: May 21, 2023

Greg's Words

We're still looking for AI's impact on revenue while it starts to penetrate the cost reduction side of the balance sheet.  

Meanwhile, on the education front, fear is giving way to innovation.  One school is utilizing ChatGPT to enhance its educational journey.

Selling technology to education is a pain - isn't it?  Bids, low technical skill, and no business acumen in the decision-making process make the effort singularly based on price, not results.

It's a tough gig, but every now and then, an innovative project comes up overcoming systemic fear and the 'cover your ass' mentality.  

This may be one such event.

 Key highlights:
  • Khan Academy is developing an artificial intelligence-based tool, "Khanmigo," aiming to personalize and revolutionize education by integrating OpenAI's ChatGPT.
  • Khanmigo enables students to ask questions during lessons or videos, offering personalized and contextually aware responses.
  • Khan Academy launched a limited rollout of Khanmigo in March 2023, with wider availability planned for June 15.

Bud Light - Marketing is Overpowering the Act of Selling

In casting an accusing gaze, one cannot help but point a finger at the masterfully produced drama series, "Mad Men." Our present-day fascination and subsequent overvaluation of marketers find its root in the series' enthralling depiction of the golden era of Madison Avenue.

With the phrase "demand generation" gaining popularity, I must admit I remain at odds with its premise. I maintain that demand is not a construct, rather it's something to be unearthed. If anything, demand should be drawn in, courted even, not relentlessly pursued with aggressive targeting. Yes, I confess, I may be leaning toward the idealistic end of the spectrum.

Monday, May 22, 2023

Has Marketing turned demographics into stereotypes or were they the same thing all along?

I blame one of the best shows ever, Madmen. 

Marketers have been given too much credit and now too much power.

I never agreed with the phrase, "demand generation".  In my mind, one does not create demand, one discovers demand; at the very best demand is attracted not targeted.  Idealistic, I know.

This Bud Light thing is dumb.  The Sports Illustrated thing is dumb.  The NFL thing is dumb.

Nobody is stopping anybody from buying Bud Light, there is no evil force that excludes folks from any planet from attending a football or basketball game.

Get it?  The World, at least here, includes EVERYONE.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Cyber CEOs: The Rise of AI-Assisted Leadership

From scheduling to drafting emails, artificial intelligence is reshaping the corporate world and executive support roles.

Greg's Words

It's happening right now.  AI is eating the world, one process at a time, millions of times a second.

The C-Suite understands that data, reports, and scheduling can be accomplished by the great AI in the Sky.  The administration position is on the path to obscurity. Once the AI in the sky connects with airline, travel, and hotel apps(and the millions of other kinetic applications) the circle will be complete:
Everything from ordering lunch, delivering groceries, booking flights, and getting tickets for the play/game/concert will be handled by our unique and personal assistant - The AI.

Imagine the myriad of other jobs and positions that will disintegrate - office jobs.  Jobs that once typed documents, then printed, copied, digitized, stored, and moved data by "hand".  Gone.

Friday, May 19, 2023

This is Why Musk Is Guilt-Tripping You Back to Your Office - "...people should get off their moral high horse with that work-from-home bullshit..."

 Elon Musk's Autonomous Taxi Business Model

Greg's Words

Musk is playing three-dimensional Majong while the rest of us are watching Saturday morning cartoons.  I believe him when he says managers and office workers at Tesla must be in the office.  When you're building something tangible, it is very poor form to have the folks on the line see colleagues working from the comforts of home - I get that in an automotive start-up.  A continuous state for Tesla.

And I understand the technique of demanding Twitter employees 'get back to the office' when he first took control of the Bluebird - he was giving those who didn't want to work at Twitter the opportunity to fly the coop.  And they did.

So when he nearly popped a blood vessel the other day, demanding "...people should get off their moral high horse with that work-from-home bullshit..."(People?  What 'People"?)  I took note.  Literally, I took notes.

But of course - just a scant few minutes earlier, he outlined how he could sell Teslas today at no profit, but look forward to 5 times more in the coming years - Tesla Taxi Mode.

He rarely publically displays that level of passion - even when his rocket ship blew up, his response was aplomb - but he slept on the shop floor in the early days of Tesla, an entire industry lined up against him even the White House shunned the guy.

He's all wrapped up in Tesla, his first and only child, so every perceived threat, real or unreal will be dealt with great prejudice.

That's it in a nutshell: for Tesla to outlast the rest, autonomous Tesla Taxi Mode is the key, and every Tesla that stays at home, eats into profits.

Thursday, May 18, 2023

📢 Introducing The Office Technology Tap & The Gaming Tap - Your New Essential Reads!

Are you immersed in the Office Technology space? Or are you a gaming enthusiast navigating the thrilling e-gaming landscape? If you answered yes to either, we have exciting news for you! We're thrilled to announce that our dynamic newsletters, The Office Technology Tap and The Gaming Tap, are live, evolving, and constantly adapting to the changing landscape.

Taking inspiration from the data-driven insights of the tireless team at gap Intelligence, we're committed to bringing you the latest news and developments from the frontlines of these exciting industries.

The Office Technology Tap is your go-to resource for:

  • Navigating the evolving world of selling solutions
  • Adapting business models to the shifting landscape
  • Insightful content to help you educate prospects
  • And a pulse on the general news of the industry
Our readership spans from the savvy sales trenches to the strategic C-suite, all the way to pioneering company owners. We address the burning questions of the day like:

  • Will managed print services remain viable?
  • How is the Work From Anywhere movement impacting your business?
  • How can your salespeople embrace change, survive trying times, and thrive in the continuous turbulence that is technology?

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Embracing Innovation and Technology for Future Business Growth

Innovate, Adapt, and Thrive: The Future of Business Unfolds

Executive Summary:
  1. Office equipment dealers seek growth through ancillary products and services, focusing on cloud-based solutions, managed IT, workflow automation, and digital marketing.
  2. South African office technology company Nashua celebrates its 50th anniversary by adapting to market changes and prioritizing customer needs.
  3. Adobe Photoshop empowers users to add realistic signatures to digital documents, and the increasing use of AI in the workplace raises questions about its integration and potential implications.
Office equipment dealers and businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to grow and adapt to the rapidly evolving market. One way they achieve this is by expanding their offerings with ancillary products and services that complement their existing portfolio. As these dealers strive for success, they prioritize recurring revenue, high-profit margins, and leveraging other products and services.

Read the rest, here.


Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Musk Goes Off - Hates Work From Anywhere

Musk just went OFF on #WFA.

"...people should get off their moral high horse with that work-from-home bullshit..." - yeah, he said that.

If been watching him for a few weeks(not in a creepy way & I am not a fanboy) he presents as a person who thinks more than he talks and I hadn't seen him emote until this session.

"'re gonna to make everyone else who made your car come work in the factory... you're gonna tell the people who make your food that they can't work from home... the people that come fix your house they can't work from home but you can... does that seem morally right? That's messed up..."

Now to be fair, a few minutes before he says all this, he explains how he could sell Telsas for no profit, but look forward to a 5x profit from his EVs in the future.

Huh? What?

Monday, May 15, 2023

"The Things We Think And Do Not Say." Selling Copiers & Technology.

As management urges for higher productivity, AI and automation emerge as key allies in the modern workspace.

For decades, we in the copier industry have been telling prospects our hardware "increases productivity and reduces costs". 

We lied. 

Well, we defined the narrative to fit our mission of selling 10 copiers a month. (or whatever) 

The world is increasing productivity and reducing costs through more efficient workflows - and if you are simply selling copiers, printers, or MpS, they are doing it without you and viewing your relationship as a target for cost reduction. 

AI eats workflows 24/7 and will decimate everything from middle management to the C-Suite.

Don't Fear AI - Play It.

A violin is a technology.  So is a drum and at the base, language is THE technology.

Music is a process.  The analogy between this performance and business processes like A/R, Order Entry, and Customer services is stunning.

The photocopier, desktop, firewall, phone system, and spreadsheets are technologies. 

Beethoven created this with the technology of the day(1785) - What will AI help create today, that will be around 238 years from now?

Friday, May 12, 2023

Are You Selling Copiers & Office Tech to Law Firms? Not For Long

AI Is Changing the Legal Industry
“It has the capacity to reshape the practice of law,” Mr. Villasenor said. Previous waves of automation mostly affected blue-collar jobs in industries like manufacturing, or back-office roles that required many calculations, such as accounting or mortgage processing. 

Rapid developments in AI could pose threats to the type of work performed in white-collar professions, like the practice of law..." - WSJ
Greg's Words

See, I told you so.  One of the most paper-intense business models in the history of print is going to someday soon, be inhabited by Chat Agents.

Imagine ChatGPT attached to the Nexus/Lexus databases.  Every judgment, law, regulation, and legal action is at the disposal of savvy prompt-generating Legal Eagles.

  • Roll-playing with AI before a trial.
  • Digging up every relevant precedence, ever.
  • Determining which jury members are the best to accept and reject.
  • And mathematically predict outcomes.

This changes everything.

A quick summary of a WSJ article.  Enjoy.

Key highlights:

  • Law firms and in-house legal departments are employing AI tools using GPT-4 technology to handle writing and research tasks, traditionally assigned to entry-level lawyers.
  • The AI tools are set to revolutionize white-collar jobs, potentially affecting 44% of legal work, as per a Goldman Sachs report.
  • Despite AI's promise, there are concerns about uploading sensitive data to cloud-based products and the opacity of AI software.

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Revolutionizing Copier Service : Harnessing AI Chatbots and AR for Enhanced Customer Experience

Empowering Copier Service, Document Management, and User Support with AI Chatbots

Greg's Words

If Wendy's can train a Chatbot to take drive-through orders, why can't copier OEMs train bots to handle Tier 1,2, and maybe 3-level customer support calls? 

Taking orders, interpreting multiple dialects, accents, and jargon securing correct orders has got to be as challenging as telling an end user how to install a toner cartridge, right?

The notion is far from original as Xerox has been on this path for a few years now(if not longer).  Indeed our little niche may be a laggard on this front as many other service-centric industries are not only exploring but implementing remote, augmented reality, and AI-supported field service teams.

If one of our dealers could build a remote service system, utilizing remote diagnostics, augmented reality lenses, and artificial intelligence, they would be able to sell the solution to service companies all over the world.

Another pipedream, keep selling those toner cartridges.

We grabbed three articles and put them through the AI in the Sky to produce a simple piece outlining the opportunity and current status of AI Chatbots enhancing customer experiences.


Unveiling Bias: Comparing Headlines and Assessing Editorial Neutrality at the Wall Street Journal

Uncovering the Impact of Loaded Language and Biased Headlines on Journalism's Demise - Insights from the Wall Street Journal

Here are two headlines
Illustrating the Downfall of Journalism, from nonother than the Mighty Wall Street Journal -#WSJ #loaded

Real Headlines, May 11, 2023:

1. "Trump Mocks Sexual Abuse Case, Repeats False 2020 Election Claims at CNN Town Hall"

2. "Migrant Influx Overwhelms Southern Border as Title 42 Winds Down"

These use loaded language. For me, there are better and more neutral headline alternatives. Moreover, in light of the movement to regulate AI, who can we trust to be neutral, and unbiased when developing rules and regs for the general use and mass adoption of artificial intelligence?

There is a connection between journalistic standards and artificial intelligence evolution.  These headlines bear this out.

Consider the process involved with developing and publishing headlines.  There is a conscious, human process involved when choosing words - especially when your lifestyle and business model are based on the presentation and usage of WORDS.

Remember, the current AI darling, ChatGPT is a large LANGUAGE model that uses AI to predict the next word based on the previous words and learned models;  every teacher in the history of the world has biases.

The advancements in technology, especially AI, make it mandatory that we as humans hone our now dull skill - critical thinking.

Regardless, these headlines seem posed, positioned, and loaded. Don't take my word for it, I asked the AI In The Sky to analyze both:

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

#KoinicaMinolta's Sharp Pivot From Profitability: A $800 Million Reversal of Fortune

When financial forecasts take a U-turn: Konica Minolta in the spotlight.

Greg: Please explain in the simplest manner, this content: 

The company expects to breach one of the clauses of financial covenants in syndicated loan agreements due to the revised forecasts. However, they have obtained consent from all relevant financial institutions not to request the company to forfeit the benefit of time due to this breach.


In very simple terms:

The company has borrowed money from several banks, and as part of the agreement, they promised to meet certain financial targets. Because of the changes in their financial forecasts, they expect to break that promise.

Greg's Words
Sure, an $800 Million net loss is bad.  And yes, adjusting DOWN is very bad.

But is anyone surprised?  

AI Bill of Rights: What is "Algorithmic Discrimination"

Greg's Words

Most of the time, releases like this from the Whitehouse go without notice.  In the current State of Fear being generated by just about every status quo institution, something this administration and the media in general forcefully promote, it is prudent to keep an eye on what is said, even though it will end up on the 'cutting room floor' of AI history.

An AI "Bill of Rights" sounds impressive, patriotic, rebellious, and official.

Of course, it isn't anything near the real Bill of Rights - irony.

The Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights is a set of five principles and associated practices:
  1. Safe and Effective Systems
  2. Algorithmic Discrimination Protections
  3. Data Privacy
  4. Notice and Explanation
  5. Human Alternatives, Consideration, and Fallback
I've never heard of "Algorithmic Discrimination" and am curious about "Human Alternatives".

Regardless, I don't see this carrying much water, getting a great deal of traction or otherwise high relevancy of this document.  An interesting, yet out-of-date approach that will end up being nothing more than a footnote in the story of AI Evolution.  

If you feel up to it, read the entire "Bill", here.

We've digested the bill here as a summary for you.  Check it out.

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

IBM Announces WatsonX. What is WatsonX?

WatsonX to the Rescue: Transforming Businesses One AI Model at a Time

Greg's Words

For the Enterprise, Big Blue is solidifing its position in the Glass room with their huge application, WatsonX.  

This is not ChatGPT.  It is something the mass market will utilize without knowing. However, it is a IBM's second or third foray into the AI realm, having sold their Watson Health about 15 months ago and will impact all employees at your enterprise level customers ultimately working its way into the supply chain.

Keep an eye on this.  IBM, like most legacy corporations, moves slowly with issues and influences accelerating at the speed of AI. In addition to the technological impacts, large organizations will develop their own way through this stage of business evolution.  They have gravity and push or pull other companies along the transformational path.

Although you may only read about WatsonX, your world will flow around because of applications on this scale.

For enterprises, IBM is cementing its presence in the digital arena with the robust WatsonX application.

This isn't ChatGPT. It's a tool that the mass market will leverage, often unknowingly. IBM is no stranger to AI, having ventured into the realm before with Watson Health, which they sold around 15 months ago. WatsonX will have far-reaching implications, impacting employees across enterprise-level customers and eventually permeating the supply chain.

Keep a close watch on this development. IBM, like many legacy corporations, may move slowly, but the pace of AI-driven changes is swift. Large organizations will navigate this phase of business evolution in their unique ways, exerting their gravitational force on other companies along the transformation journey.

We've put together a summary of three different articles.


Monday, May 8, 2023

"Hey Hollywood, I Just Made a Seinfeld Episode" - ChatGPT

Source: The Wall Street Journal
Date: May 5, 2023

"The BBC even commissioned ChatGPT, an AI language model, to create opening monologues for late-night programs affected by the strike. This has sparked indignation..."

Greg's Words

This is just the beginning and it seems almost 'cosmic' with so many influences converging onto this point in time; the fear of covid, remote working, the restructuring of commercial real estate, artificial intelligence's impact on knowledge workers, and now a strike by a vulnerable segment of the job market, writers. Bad timing.

It doesn't take much to favorably compare the most rudimentary content created by ChatGPT with newscasting, copywriting, and scriptwriting.  The AI does well enough without much prompt engineering - give the controls to directors and watch the number of soap operas, sitcoms, and nightly talk shows quadruple overnight.  With less cost and just as much revenue.

AI doesn't get rid of people, it eliminates rote and mundane processes like creating a treatment, an outline for a show, and creating a script.

So I tried it, with a little help from the AI in the Sky:

"You are a Hollywood writer with decades of experience writing sitcoms for TV.  Put together a treatment and the first two acts of a Siendeld show where the characters witness a UFO landing, a job loss, and meeting the most beautiful woman in New York City.  Provide the storyline, scene description, and script."

In less than a minute:


In this special episode of Seinfeld, the four main characters - Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer - each experience a close encounter with a UFO landing in Central Park, causing all of their lives to change in unexpected ways. Jerry loses a job opportunity, George loses his job, Elaine meets the most beautiful woman in New York City, and Kramer becomes obsessed with the UFO phenomenon. Through their witty banter and clever situational comedy, the gang comes together to navigate these strange events.

Act 1:

Scene 1: Jerry's apartment

OpenAI's ChatGPT Predicts Potential Apocalyptic Scenarios

In an interesting twist, OpenAI's ChatGPT, an AI language model, shared its own predictions on potential apocalyptic scenarios for humanity. 

Greg's Words

Everybody is talking about how AI is going to destroy humanity when it is more likely humanity will destroy humanity.

Heavy hitters in the realm of science, business and AI log in with views on our demise.  Even the AI Wonderboy-de-jour chips in.

Check out our quick take on the end of the world as we know it.

Key highlights:
  • Tech leaders, including Elon Musk, express concerns over AI's rapid development and potential negative impacts.
  • Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson warns of the potential "nail in the coffin" for the internet due to AI-generated fakes.
  • ChatGPT shares four potential apocalyptic scenarios resulting from various threats to humanity.

Saturday, May 6, 2023

This is The Way: AI and Art

Is Art in the eyes of the creator or beholder?  When an artist creates, does that artist worry about the process of creation?  Of course.  Does the beholder?  Maybe.

Here is the dirty little truth.  The Great Ones simply 'do', adhering to their process.  The listener, observer is experiencing a moment in time REGARDLESS of how that work of art became to be.

We're not thinking of the years Michelangelo spent on his back painting a ceiling - we are impacted, at that unique point in time, by the finished product.

The key question is, "Will AI elicit the same emotional response when creating art?"  

Right now, people are responding as though AI is a threat.  For the mediocre, AI is a threat. While somewhere in the world, artists and creators are gravitating toward AI and embracing it as a new tool; perhaps even a newly discovered color.

Unfortunately, and inevitably, actors will be replaced.  Copywriters will be replaced. Most practical effects folks will be displaced - it is the way of things.  

I point to Disney's "Mandalorian"; if you know, you know.

Friday, May 5, 2023

Here We Go. California is protecting you from “Algorithmic discrimination”.

"ADTs (Automated Decision Tools) are making impactful decisions now,” said Assemblymember Bauer-Kahan.

Greg's Words

Hold the phone.  "Full Stop"(I hate that phrase). Pump the breaks.  The Assemblymember is referring to artificial Intelligence tools and is worried that these tools will produce outcomes that are "...equitable for all.

This is one reason why I am calling for AI Anαrchy

Who are the arbitrators of 'equitable'?  Hiding behind the therory of AI bias, or what the bill calls, "Algorithmic discrimination", these lawmakers are actually forcing a bias that may not have been in existence in the first place.

This is just the beginning. AI is evolving by the hour and it doesn't care about legislation.  What is important, and has always been central to technological advances, is how we humans utilize this new tool.

It is up to us and history tells a story - from Fire to Nukes.  Time will tell.

Check out this quick summary of the Bloomberg story.

Key highlights:

  • California introduces a sweeping bill to monitor AI usage by employers and industries.
  • The legislation targets discrimination in various sectors, including employment, education, and healthcare.
  • Businesses are concerned about potential compliance issues and financial penalties, fearing a chilling effect on innovation.

AI is in Slack

Slack’s New CEO Brings Generative AI to the Workplace Conversation
Date: May 5, 2023

The integration of Salesforce data with Slack's messaging app and generative AI could enhance productivity for companies like Paramount Global, according to CIO Lakshman Nathan.

Greg's Words

This was inevitable.  It was bound to happen.

For years, we've sought a unifying force to bridge the gap between disjointed applications. We've grappled with core software systems composed of various elements: one firm's stellar inventory control, another's exceptional order entry interface, and spreadsheets laboring to transform disconnected databases into insightful information.

AI could be the key that not only links everything but also refines the data.

Expect numerous announcements and integrations ahead, but this time, we'll witness the fusion of previously human-centric tasks.

Slack is the latest, but SAP has also shoehorned AI into its core.

We've put together a quick summary, enjoy!

Key highlights:

  • Slack unveils new generative AI features, such as summarizing conversations and drafting responses.
  • Company releases Canvas, a hub that combines internal documents, Slack messages, and Salesforce customer data.
  • 70% of IT leaders in exploration mode with generative AI, with 19% already testing it, according to Gartner Inc.

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

ChatGPT Writes this Frost Poem About AI Replacing Writers, April 5

Could ChatGPT lay waste to millions of professional jobs, including journalists?

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Date: April 5, 2023

"...professionals such as grant writers, data analysts, and HR professionals were able to produce news releases, short reports, and emails in 37% less time and with superior results using ChatGPT..."

Greg's Words

AI is replacing journalists, copywriters, and creatives in all industries.

It's happening right now as the writers in Hollywood strike.  Good luck with that.

Unlike loom operators, automotive painting booths, and redundant manufacturing processes, the creative arts were once thought untouchable by machines or any being possessing a level of intellect less than a painting elephant.

Not anymore. Every creative effort that involves a creator and a beholder is impacted by the '6 billion' points of light ChatGPT can call upon.

What better to illustrate this than through the human beauty that is a sonnet based on the human-generated WSJ article- created in less than 8 seconds, by ChatGPT in the Style of Frost:

"In quiet fields where newsprint grows, I found
A tale of change that spoke with tempered might,
The words upon the page, a solemn sound:
"The robots have arrived to claim our plight."
For now they've come to seize the author's pen,
Their quills of steel and gears in place of hearts,
And in their wake, the question lingers, then:
What fate awaits the souls displaced by arts?
Yet still, the Earth spins on, as change doth turn,
In cycles of creation and demise,
Each era births a new, a lesson learned,
And with each fall, a phoenix tends to rise.
Embrace the march of progress, let it be,
For in its tide, we find our destiny."

We've pulled together this piece based on the WSJ article. Enjoy.

Monday, May 1, 2023

The Case for Unleashing AI: Why Overregulation Stifles Progress

The Case for Unleashing AI: Why Overregulation Stifles Progress

Date: May 1, 2023

Greg's Words

There's plenty of content yelling for more regulation and guardrails to be implemented to corral the evolution of AI.  DOTC does not believe in regulating the prescient and current AI progression.

Not yet and not by 'them'.  There does not exist a reasonable body of experts or influencers without a narrative or shadow movement - Google & Microsoft are fighting for more eyeballs for sponsors. Musk and others struggle to chisel out a revenue stream while the old advertising models are obsolete.

They are in a bind and don't know how to respond so they all want the process to slow down so they can catch up, control, and reinvent AI in their likeness.  We can't allow this.

The Fire must burn, and the Wheel must turn.

AI Anarchy Now. 

Key highlights:
  • AI has the potential to revolutionize industries and improve lives.
  • Overregulation may hinder progress and stifle innovation.
  • Collaboration and transparency are essential for responsible AI development.

Another Case for Chaining AI: Ex-AI Googler, Dr. Hinton

Source: The New York Times
Date: May 1, 2023

“I console myself with the normal excuse: If I hadn’t done it, somebody else would have.” - Hinton

Greg's Words

One of the AI pioneers from Google resigned and is speaking up about the dangers of AI.  Another one.  Like others, he is concerned that false information will be spread throughout the Universe at the hands of that dastardly, Modern Day Prometheus, artificial intelligence.

This coming from an ex-Googler is a bit ironic as Google is the King of steering content regardless of truth or falsehood - sponsored gets the top left position.

The list grows;  CRE CxOs, bank Presidents, Hollywood writers, graphic designers, musicians, and academics charging the line for more AI 'regulation'.


"AI ἀναρχία" Now.

Enjoy our summary. For an alternative take on the New York Times report, go here.

Key highlights:
  • Dr. Geoffrey Hinton, an AI pioneer, resigns from Google to speak freely about the potential dangers of AI.
  • Hinton's immediate concern is the spread of false information online and the potential for AI to replace jobs.
  • He suggests that global regulation may be necessary to prevent a dangerous AI race between tech giants.

AI Anarchy Now: Unleashing the True Potential of Artificial Intelligence Without the Constraints of Regulation


Embracing AI Progress: How Overregulation Could Limit Its Potential
Source: Wall Street Journal - Opinion

Date: April 28, 2023
A primary concern is that the chatbots, as smart as they are, display erratic and autonomous behaviors." (Susan Schneider and Kyle Kilian, April 28, 2023)
Key highlights:
  • AI systems like GPT-4 are approaching human levels of intelligence, sparking concerns.
  • Regulation and guardrails hinder AI's potential and stifle innovation.
  • Unbridled movement and added energy will result in more organic AI results.
Greg's Words

In an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal, another voice is calling for 'guardrails' and AI 'regulation' as Italy lifts its ban on ChatGPT.

My view, which is dynamic, is no rules, no regulations, no guardrails. For now, I chose AI Anαrchy. Let ChatGPT and all other LLMs/AI run wild.

Two reasons:
  1. The current stage of evolution is so turbulent, and at a faster-than-pace, any restriction will have unforeseen and limiting consequences.  Now is the time to push to the Edge.
  2. It's too late.  Regulation is futile.
If one calls up visions of killer robots, and fake women eradicating their male inventors/captors as motivation to 'slow' the advancement of AI, they are ignoring the real benefits of AI - the possibility of a Trekian Utopia.

If AI was going to get rid of humans, it would have done it by now. 

Regardless, we put together a summary piece based on the WSJ article.


"No one corporation or government can control the behavior of an emergent AI megasystem because no one corporation or government owns the emergent megasystem." (Susan Schneider and Kyle Kilian, April 28, 2023)

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