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Friday, June 28, 2019

#ArcDrive: Interview on P4P Hotel with Art Post

Art Post was one of the first people out on the internet, writing and posting content around copiers and copier sales.

His site, P4P Hotel is an industry standard.

It is always fun to catch up with Art and talk about the old days.

I am thankful for his friendship over the years and honored by his interest and this interview.


If you follow industry press releases like me then you're aware that the King of MPS aka Greg Walters recently released his Arc Drive. Yes, I was curious as to what is the Arc Drive and what does it do?

A few nights ago Greg and chatted about Arc Drive and below is how our chat went.

Art: Hey Greg, okay first question for you, where the heck is Oconomowoc, Wisconsin?

Greg: It’s in between Madison and Milwaukee in lake country. A quaint town, there are 12 bars within a square mile or so. I occasionally write about the town,

Art: Is an Indian word that’s used for your town?

Greg: Yes, that’s right.

Art: Do you know what that translates to in English, I’m betting it means land of managed print, right?

Read the rest, here.

Friday, June 14, 2019

#ArcDrive Event June 18, 10Am - 11AM Pacific Time.

Learn more about ArcDrive.

"ArcDirve: The ultimate sophistication"

ArcDrive is affordable, simple to sell, easy to install and a breeze to use.

ArcDrive helps dealers defend their base, add streams of income and enhance repeatable revenue.

ArcDrive is the convergence of managed print services, advance capture, and intelligent workflow tools, embedded in a secure appliance.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

#ArcDrive, seven days after introduction. What's the word, so far?

So far, the word is positive.

We’ve conducted multiple demonstrations (an average of three per day since the rollout).

We’ve had interest from all over the country and across the globe (Dublin, South Africa, and Namibia).

Although not all meetings and discussions were perfect, overall feedback is very impressive. Just like you, I ask a few assessment questions at the beginning of a discussion.

This is a sample of what dealers are saying at the very beginning of our meetings:

Friday, June 7, 2019

Become #ArcDriveCrazy

"Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes... the ones who see things differently 

-- they're not fond of rules... 

You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can't do is ignore them 

-- because they change things... 

they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, 

-- are the ones who do."

Be an ArcDrive Crazy.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

ArcDrive Press Release

Contact Greg Walters
June 6, 2019 262-370-4193 or

ArcDrive Delivers Converged Advance Capture, Intelligent Workflow, and Managed Print Services

Oconomowoc, Wi. – Greg Walters Inc. today launched a new entry into the office technology channel that will revolutionize the MPS market for the independent dealer channel. ArcDrive is a self-contained, converged solution stack that will allow vendors to initiate or build out managed print services (MPS) engagements.

A cutting-edge appliance embedded with advanced capture, intelligent workflow, data collection, remote monitoring and automatic supplies fulfillment software, ArcDrive is a small box that can be attached to a network or used as a standalone workstation and provides SharePoint or hybrid storage on the device or through the cloud.

“Since 2009, I’ve promoted managed print services as a bridge to managed IT and, ultimately, managing the Internet of Things,” said Greg Walters, the creator of ArcDrive. “I believe MPS, electronic document management (EDM) and IT asset management should be under one umbrella. ArcDrive is the realization of this concept. All the tools that you typically think of with an entry-level document management system and MPS program are embedded on this device.”

"Today, our industry is transforming like never before. Independent dealers are joining together to form large networks, OEMs are shifting go-to-market strategies, software companies are converging,” said Walters. “ArcDrive will help independent dealers protect their base, establish new income streams and increase monthly recurring revenue.”

ArcDrive is available today with MPS, advanced capture and intelligent workflow software. Future releases will incorporate network probe, RFID, ITIL real-time asset management and a single-pane interface.

Greg Walters is available for media interviews. He can be reached at For more information, visit

D-Day. 75 Years Ago

"Why did you choose June 6th as your announcement day?"
"Because without D-Day, there would be no ArcDrive."
I mean it.

D-Day turned the tide.  From that day till the end of the war, the Nazi's were in retreat, receding across Europe, all the way back to the heart of Germany.

Easy Company, Eagle's Nest.
If Hitler had defeated US and allied forces, the world would have gone off the rails into a completely different direction - we wouldn't be who we are today.

To some, 75 years seems so far away.  Times change, technology marches, but people never really change - good and bad.

Take a moment today to remember D-Day.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Tiananmen Square on June 5, 1989

June 5, 1989.  I remember watching this on TV.  

Students held a sit-in at Tiananmen Square.  Peaceful, yet doomed from the very beginning.  Troops opened fire and quelled the protest.

China in 1989 was a Communist realm.
China in 2019 is a Communist realm.

Events like this seem impossible today.  Unfortunately, repeat situations are just a mouse-click away.

Remember Tank Man.

Convergence Chat with Greg - #Imaging Channel, Fall in Love Again. #ArcDrive

Do you remember your first time?

Remember configuring the first #copier, late at night for a morning delivery? Staying up past midnight, attaching the finisher, paper drawers, ADF, and large capacity paper tray?

Remember the first time you forgot to order a stair climber or tile protection? How about the time you used the forklift to deliver an Oce up to the second floor?

Did your heart sink when that toner spilled out on the floor during your demo?

You fell in love with it, all of it. You fell in love with watching your employees and customers evolve. Memories of the small office Christmas parties, new babies, and hiring your nephew, still warms your heart.

Your vision, your idea, your business.  Partnering with hardware vendors who worked with and valued your relationship.

It's easy to say those days are long gone - one time partners are wily competitors, rivals have turned into arch enemies and the elusive client doesn't fall for stunts, techniques or bloated copier deals.

It's tough.

"The first rule of flying? Love. Love keeps her in the air when she outta fall down..."

Love what you do, again. Love bringing your customers something new, shiny, again.

It's called #ArcDrive and it's new, fun, easy, familiar, sophisticated and for you.

Fall in love again,

Monday, June 3, 2019

##Wedge, Newport Beach, CA.Convergence...The

There is this place, a special place, a man-made nexus in Southern California called The Wedge. 

Locals know. Tourists rarely get there. A point where waves come in two directions and converge with outgoing flows to create large waves very close to shore.

Bodyboards are the safest, but surfer dudes can't pass up storm-induced sets. People have died here. For a summer, I lived on Balboa, the Wedge was within walking distance away. #Turbulance and #Convergence are natural and man-influenced phenomena. At the time, I didn't realize the significance; only today do I recognize the simile:

The dealer channel is in the middle of the maelstrom and has always surfed the Wedge. 55-degree saltwater, ears full of sand, and the possibility of ultimate elimination do not stop you.

You hit the sets every, single morning. Who is there with you? Does your body-board manufacturer tell you how to set up for a wave? Are your board shorts too tight or heaven forbid, too loose?

Do surf vendors tell surfers how to surf?

#copiers #managedprintservices #DCAMonopoly #ExpensiveScanning

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