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Friday, February 8, 2008

The List

The List" - 2008

  1. Buyers are trained by Salespeople
  2. Truth is Good
  3. Insecurities Rule
  4. All conflict is a result of an insecurity
  5. Self-esteem does not come out of a box, or from someone else
  6. Guilt is a Motivator
  7. Motivation can be turned into Manipulation
  8. Seven Seconds; you can know someone in the first seven seconds you meet them
  9. Everyone has an Agenda
  10. You Are Your Boss
  11. Fear Sucks
  12. Once People know you care, they will try to manipulate you
  13. The best way to make everyone around you better is to make yourself better
  14. If you ask a question, be ready for any answer
  15. The Best Advice is the Advice you ask for
  16. Do not Answer statements
  17. People see their own weakness in others; Cheaters see cheaters, thieves see thieves
  18. People will accuse you of the bad things they see themselves doing
  19. Nothing occurs in a vacuum
  20. Luck is for the Unlucky
  21. Hope means you stop trying
  22. Weak people cannot say no
  23. Be specific in what you care for
  24. You control your day, the day does not control you
  25. Value received for value given
  26. You can't rape the willing
  27. It can always be worse – You could have been on the 73rd floor, in your cube, drinking a Starbucks at 9:01AM, September 11th in the WTC…

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Please secure your safety glasses. Don't do this at home, I am a trained professional. Yes, when we show the Edgeline, we open the doors, insert our special "tools", touch the green button and watch the "bunny suit" rock n roll. Paper runs through, the drum spins, the lights blink and ink hits paper. Scrumptish!

I love showing the Edgeline to peeps who "know copiers". At first, the Edgeline looks like every single other copier; but when I open the doors, the facial expressions are absolutely priceless - "it looks like a dryer! It SOUNDS like a dryer! What in the world is this?" Stop, you're getting me all misty.

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