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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Simple Tips for Your Printing

Simple and Often overlooked functions

Here is a pretty good blog from HP that is full of quick tricks on configuration and use of printing devices.

I liked the video clip on "defaults"

Check it!


Think of it like earning "miles"

One of my pet-peeves is not using devices or programs to their full capacity - like when end users print a large document out on a laser and walk it over to a connected copier and make 12 copies. Instead of printing directly to the device.

This is why I bring this little program up and encourage every HP customer to check into it.

New Print Devices and Services from HP

HP Unveils Imaging and Printing Devices, Solutions and Services for Enterprises

A quick press release about new HP offerings.

Check the starting price for the Edgeline.

Rumor of "more aggressive" supply pricing structure - but nothing published.

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