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Friday, February 26, 2010

GreatAmerica to Launch MPS Navigator: A Managed Print Services Business Planning Session for Office Equipment Dealers

For Immediate Release: 26 February 2010

(Cedar Rapids, IA) – GreatAmerica Leasing Corporation announced today that it will launch its Managed Print Services (MPS) Navigator program this spring. The program takes place at GreatAmerica corporate headquarters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on April 26-27, 2010. The hands-on business planning session will be facilitated by Steven Power of Sales and Marketing Solutions International.

The Navigator program includes the process to plan, implement and grow a dealer’s business with MPS.

This one and a half day session shepherds dealer executive teams through a step by step development of a business model and operational structure, selection of MPS infrastructure resources, marketing strategies, sales force engagement, compensation, and a go-to-market strategy.

“GreatAmerica is committed to helping our dealers plan, develop, sell, manage and grow their MPS initiatives,” said Jennie Fisher, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Office Equipment Group. “We have created the Navigator program as a comprehensive business planning and decision-making tool to help dealers deploy their MPS strategy.”

Dealer executive teams will work both collaboratively and in break-out sessions to reach key decisions and document them in a take-home Navigator Training Manual and Resource Glossary.

Session fees are bundled to include three MPS decision makers from each dealer. The President / Owner, Chief Financial Officer, and Sales Manager are recommended to attend. Additional staff members such as the Service Manager, office executive, sales or operational managers can also be included. For additional information contact GreatAmerica at 800.234.8787 or visit

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QuickPage, from HP? It's not in the US, is it?

HP's Enterprise MPS programs are daunting, inclusive, sophisticated and not really an issue in the SMB, mid-market.

But in Europe, QuickPage from HP is making some waves in the SMB space.

Yes, it does resemble PagePack.

A good example, with pricing, of a QuickPage offering is here.

And from Louella Fernandes, Principal Analyst, Quocirca:

"...With QuickPage, HP is providing resellers with a simple packaged service that includes hardware, supplies and support. QuickPage emulates packages from copier-centric vendors such as Xerox PagePack. However QuickPage's key difference is that it includes a lease rental agreement, giving customers the ability to combine hardware, consumables and maintenance costs into one monthly payment (based on expected print volumes)..."

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You And I, We Work in Paper, right? And We All Want to Be Green...right?

Well, how about green toilet paper...glowing green toilet paper, that is.

I am not kidding, this stuff glows in the dark.

A company over in the UK, is selling glow in the dark toilet paper.

It's green, literally and is great for camping.

Not sure if the glow-stuff rubs off...and I guess I really don't want to find out, right?


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