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Monday, September 18, 2023

The Futile Writers' Strike: Why AI Will Soon Replace All Writers

The Writers' Strike is a last-ditch effort in a losing battle. The rise of AI like ChatGPT signals the inevitable replacement of human writers.

In a dimly lit café, a group of writers huddled around their laptops, sipping on lattes and discussing the latest updates on the Writers' Strike. They spoke passionately about the need for better pay, job security, and recognition for their craft. They believed that their skills were irreplaceable, a unique blend of creativity and intellect that no machine could ever replicate

But as they debated and planned their next moves, little did they know that the world around them was already shifting in ways that would soon make their efforts seem almost quaint.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

What is "Time Curation"?

The future of productivity is being redefined by Generative AI, according to a recent article from The Office Tech Tap. 

The focus is shifting from mere task completion to "time curation," a concept that aims to unlock human potential by removing time as the bottleneck to innovation. 

Companies like Otter AI and Adept AI are pushing the boundaries, offering solutions that not only automate mundane tasks but also offload cognitive burdens. 

A McKinsey study reveals that generative AI has accelerated automation by over a decade, giving time back to employees for more creative and strategic endeavors. The democratization of AI technology is making these benefits accessible to the 5.4 billion people connected to the internet, opening up massive potential for disruptive innovation. 

Generative AI is not just a tool; it's a partner in redefining what productivity means in the 21st century.

Read more, here.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

From Paper Pushers to Tech Titans: The Copier's Evolution

In the ever-evolving business landscape, the traditional office copier is undergoing a radical transformation. No longer just a machine for duplicating documents, it's becoming an integral part of modern business solutions. As The Office Tech Tap aptly puts it, copier salespeople are at a pivotal crossroads, needing to deepen their understanding of today's business challenges.

Modern print management platforms are the game-changers, emphasizing both efficiency and sustainability. As @Toshiba mentions, “Print management software can help businesses stay true to their environmental commitments while also maintaining efficient and effective work processes.” These platforms are not just about streamlining print environments; they're about championing eco-friendly practices.

But there's more. 

The rise of workflow automation, as highlighted by @DocuWare, ensures a consistent and predictable information flow, transforming business processes from invoice approvals to recruitment.

As you know, the copier salesperson of today is not just selling a product but a comprehensive solution.

You're not just paper pushers; you are modern-day office heroes, adept at solving more than just paper jams.

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