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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Work From Anywhere Will Change Everything.

What is up?  

Fran knows what is what in the Office Technology realm. We had a great time talking about work from anywhere and technology.

Ai was just over the horizon.

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Ai is The Death of the Internet

I recently released my "Greg's Ai Predictions & Visions of the New World" on Grwalters dot com.

Predictions are easy and fun. I've done it before and I'll do it again.

In the past, it was an exercise in entertainment.

My current(2024) list sways from the death of the C-Suite to suburbs as workplaces - live in the city, work in the suburbs without driving, of course.

I will continue to add detail to each over the next few months or so; indeed, the list has grown by two, bringing the total up from a dozen.

So, without much fanfare, I released the vision to the world, the Universe.

All normal stuff.

I went to the mother-of-all-blogs, TheDeathOfTheCopier and searched "the death of the internet".

The result was jaw dropping, at least for me. The search pulled up a post dated September 21, 2014, "The Death of the Internet, Paper...and Single Payer Healthcare".


Until I dug deeper into the past revealing the present AND FUTURE.

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