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Thursday, May 2, 2024

New to Sales: 90 Days In, Go Your Own Way

In this last of a three-part series, we’ll look at the final 30 days of your first three months as a copier salesperson. Of course, the concepts apply in all types of sales and are relevant to joining a new company no matter your experience level or vertical market.  The “First 90 Days” is the current ramp-up period for new selling relationships everywhere.

Thursday, April 25, 2024

How to Start Using AI in Your Dealership


Since late 2022, the subject of artificial intelligence (AI) has received and generated billions of words, ideas, articles, and businesses. AI, through the introduction of ChatGPT, is the hottest thing going with promises of razor-sharp efficiency and warnings of the deepest, darkest sort; dystopia or utopia, more likely, both.

Now, let’s pivot to a seemingly unrelated yet intrinsically linked domain: office technology dealers. What’s the common thread? Initial resistance to embracing revolutionary technology. Here’s what some dealers are saying today about adopting AI in their businesses:

“I don’t need AI in my business…”
“I’m going to wait it out and see what happens…”
“I’m not technical, I still use paper…”

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

See Our Future in the Movies of the Past

The world, observed from above, is a wild, turbulent mix of influences, gravity, beliefs and processes.

We have always tried to make sense of our place through stories and myths. Call it 'programing' - after all, we watched 'programs' on TV 

Everything we want to know, understand and predict about Ai has already been said because Ai isn't just about silicone, quantum, hallucinations, and bias. It is about Us.

My thesis is simple. The dots connected, these movies,  reveal a pattern in the past and a clear picture of the future.  The near future.  Taken collectively, ALL sci fi movies act as that Crystal Ball everyone is searching.  The Fight for the Future is seen in our past.

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