Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Paperless Offices, Killer Toner , Carbon Offset - "A World Without Sin"


Read the email, print the email, throw the email away, print it again, write on the email, send a response, throw it away - again" - yeah, that's how WE roll...

I stumbled onto this article from N.C. and and it's illustrative of the next generation gap, and brushes up on the social reasons there are still newspapers being printed all over the world - and why we still cut down Ka-jillions of trees each year. And I really like it because the author uses the phrase "post-coital". One would usually need to got to a bowling alley to read something of this caliber.

The Killer Office - Dunder Miflin meets Resident Evil

I got this off of an article regarding "special" air filters -

"It has been indisputably proven by various international studies that ultra-fine particles are emitted by laser printers, fax machines and copiers. In 2005, the University of Giessen in Germany initiated a "Toner Pilot Project" on behalf of the Bundesinstituts für Risikobewertung (BfR) to assess the effect of laser printers and copy machines on the quality of interior air.

The final report published in 08.01.08 stated that emissions by toner-based office appliances significantly increased the number of ultra-fine particles in interior air. According to the study, the increase in the concentration of fine dust can be assessed as being quantitatively alarming from a hygiene standpoint and may also be regarded as being questionable from the point of view of health." Based on this current knowledge and seen from the standpoint of precautionary aspects, the FIRA advocates preventative measures in this case

Just another reason not to be a cube-rat: killer toner and TPS reports.

Offset My Foot Print - Down Under

HP, never being accused of being a marketing powerhouse, (all those engineers can put a man on the moon, but wouldn't see the profitability of marketing Tang) has found itself in the center of a marketing coup - The Green Movement. And if you buy an HP printer, you can get Carbon Offsets to send to Al Gore, make yourself feel better and...oh wait....this program is for Australia and New Zealand!!!! - Nevermind.

This is off the HP Website:

"Terms and Conditions

HP Participant" means a resident of New Zealand of who purchases an eligible HP product in New Zealand during the promotional period and is the end user of the product. "Promoter" means Hewlett-Packard New Zealand, 22 Viaduct Harbour Ave, Maritime Square, Auckland."

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