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Friday, April 27, 2012

Living Under Technology - America Online to Ashley Madison to Chipping Cows


Do We Live With Technology, For Technology or Under Technology? 

There was a day, back in the 80s, when I was almost embarrassed to use a mobile phone in a car - it just felt weird.

I remember getting my first alpha-numeric pager and no longer needing to pick up messages on those little pink sheets.

Back then, a laptop was what the stripper danced on, and a tablet was medicine.

Cold calls referred to walking your territory, stepping right past the "no soliciting" sign, and asking for an appointment. No metal detectors or bullet-proof glass.

We met at clubs, church, work, and house parties.

We asked people out, face to face, not on Facebook.

And we waited by the phone...

What the hell happened?

Technology baby, that's what happened.

Technology seduces. She moves with you, around you, off your fingertips, by your command.

And she owns you.

America Online - Chat rooms...for the masses...26 years old

Have you made more friends? Did you get your last job off LinkedIn?  Do more connections mean a more fulfilled existence?

America OnLine kicked off the chat-room and Instant Message craze as keyboards became communication portals to the world.

Ashley Madison - Yikes.  Online, discreet marital affairs...11 years old

Have you fallen in love online?

Sext'd? Cyber'd?

Is it cheating if it only occurs in your mind? Online Porn sites are still the biggest destinations on the 'net.

Human nature, is magnified on a global scale.

Chipping Cows - I dare not utter the words...but watch this...started around 2006

Are you safer?  We can find our wayward iPad, even if we leave on a New York subway.  How about your dog? Sure we can, chip Fido.

Your kids?  Wife?(see above) Employees? Copier technicians?  Chips for everyone on the planet and we'll see the entire world.  Women will cycle together and men won't stand a chance, hiding at the corner cyber-bar.

Technology is the nano-lube of the contracting and expanding world.  When do we stop fighting, sit back and enjoy it?  "Don't look at me..."

Someday I'll share my ideas around Living, Loving, and Selling: With, Inside, or Under Technology.

The discussion will bounce the subject off "10 Columns of Awesomeness":

1. Face Reality
2. Debt
3. Insource
4. Be open and have secrets too
5. Downsize and Re-build
6. Clear and committed
7. Simplify and reduce
8. Be Inside
9. See People
10. No Fear

Technology -

"Aayooh...I'm tired of using technology..."

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