Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Going Mobile and Big Data

From imaging to content to the cloud to Big Data to Business Intelligence to Mobile Business Intelligence.

We're moving from marks on paper to the clouds, all the data is moving off the paper files.

But the data is just data, unusable.

In the old days, we would 'crunch' the numbers either manually or on a spreadsheet.

Today, there is an app for that and instead of the numbers getting crunched on paper, it's being presented on a screen.

Typewriters and impact printers - gone. Carbon paper, white-out - gone.

Add to that list, cubicles, office furniture and water coolers, uniform rental programs, IT departments, factory floors, inventory shelving, hi-lo's, truck docks, and pallets.

Then take away the roads, parking lots, air conditioning units and the tons of paper.

And all those useless meetings. Gone like a freight train. Gone.

How so?

The answer is in the palm of your eleven year old's hand...right here.

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