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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tips on starting your Consultancy.

Those once vaulted 'cruise ships' of our industry are shedding employees by the ten's of thousands. Indeed, the channel is shrinking as well.

Some think of this as a sad occurrence. Indeed, the passing of any institution is a time for reflection.  But we look at this as a great emancipation: the release of so many from bondage.

A great majority, will head back into the nearest stockade in search of comfort and "stability" others will venture out, adventurous and filled with wonderlust.  Nationally, one of every 15 employees, or 6.5 percent of the nation's work force, are self-employed.

So here you are - anxious, excited and ready to call all your ex-clients.

But what now?  Do you use the old laptop or spring for a new device?  What about a CRM, presentation tools or web presentations?  Email?

In the old days, all one needed was business cards, a phone number and some shoe leather - not today.

Never before have the rest here.

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