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Monday, April 17, 2017

Who's going to #ITEX 2017? WHY?

Love that off-line stapler
I've been there before.

I've spoken there, and pulled a camera crew along.

I've criticized and mocked the event. I've promoted and exclaimed the value of the show.

They've hosted MPSA events for us.

I just don't know what to make of it today.

New leadership with promises of "being different" yet every scrap of news makes me feel like Tom Cruise in The Edge of Forever.

The schedule looks the same.  The venue looks the same.  The class structure looks the same.

What has changed?

Is it better? Does it matter? Is the show RELEVANT?

Looking at the agenda and training classes(Let's see if you get trained or sold)there are few I recommend:

How to Earn an A+ on Assessments for MPS (MPSA Exclusive Content)
Learn from successful dealers who have increased their net income by adding complimentary business solutions such as Managed IT, 3D, and VOIP

Aldo Spensieri
VP MPS Solutions, Clover Imaging Group

New Blood: How the Kids are Taking Dad’s Dealership to the Next Level
This panel of new blood owners discusses dealer culture, millennials and how these dealers built on the success of their parents and are taking their companies to the next level.

Andy Slawetsky
President, Industry Analysts, Inc.

Tyson Stargel
VP, Stargel Office Solutions

Ryan Jones
Executive VP, Advance Business Systems

Johnathan Garlow
President & Owner, Ford Business

The keys to successfully incorporate Infrastructure, Platform and Software into your Managed IT Services
Learn how to make money, add value, maintain ownership and still deliver best in class on-premise and cloud solutions, all while offering your services as a 100% operational expense.

Greg Van De Walker
Sr Vice President - IT Channel & Services, Collabrance, LLC

Brian Wells
Director of Product Development, Collabrance, LLC

Ryan Shea
Owner, Info-Flow

SMI: Supplies Management Investigation
The aftermath of growth of MPS and the promise of just in time fulfillment may sometimes make your business processes feel like a crime scene. What are the ways dealers can clean up an often neglected area of supplies fulfillment? How can MPS Providers make changes to drive higher revenues and reduce waste? Meet your lead MPS operations investigator and dealer program leader for a rare look inside an MPS program that reduced administrative processes and eliminated waste while growing in devices being monitoring and overall revenue.

Sarah Henderson
Director - MPS Solutions, Clover Imaging Group

I'm sure the SBB session will be packed, no need to recommend.

I don't know if the show is stale or industry on a glide-path into the past, and can't judge - but I am asking.

If you have an opinion, lay it out here.  Otherwise, enjoy the sun and sin that is Las Vegas.


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