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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Hollywood Has Been F*cked for Decades(Literally and Figuratively)

Last night, I was scrolling through XM and came upon an oration that caught my ear. The host was articulating his experiences with the Hollywood elites/liberals.

I spent some 12 years on the coast and loved every second of it. I did find it odd that the land of Regan and Nixon had so many conservative 'haters'.

And "hate" is the right word.

At one Christmas party, high in the San Bernardino mountains, the hostess went on to explain how she wished, "President Bush would die." Over and over she said this - so often that I felt threatened by the President. I skirted around the issues at hand, the Iraq War, and tried to discuss the food, the drink, the Christmas tree, or the weather - anything but the politics of the day.

She wasn't having it.

On and on she droned about how the President was the evilest man since Hitler. How his "policy of War" was going to destroy us all. To her, everything was going to hell in a handbasket - the economy was going to crash, Bush was going to re-introduce the draft, and women were going to lose the rights to their bodies.

Now I love a good debate - I'm fond of taking views CONTRARY to my own in order to understand the thinking/rationalization opposition process. But on this holiday evening, I simply moved from a great cab to more potent bourbon - and watched, listened.

The Rover @ 5k' - An Inch An Hour
You see, I'm a mid-westerner.  Raised just outside Detroit, I remember the 70's fairly well.  I witnessed my first major, social, economic, and political transformation.   Prior to the '70s, Detroit, the Motor City was a hard-hitting, three-shift churning, ideal of American, industrial power.

This is where my views were forged.  I grew up in a world without entitlements.  If you wanted something, like food or a house or car, you worked for it.  Pretty simple.  Once you earned it, nobody would take it away from you. Again, pretty straightforward.

Well, oil prices spiked, OPEC initiated an embargo, a bunch of Iranian 'students' held Americans hostage and our President recommended we wear sweaters.  Jimmy Carter killed the V8 and help devastate Detroit.

So there I was, one cold and snowy evening, surrounded by college professors and Hollywood studio folks - wine flowing almost as freely as the knee-jerk opinions presented as fact.

When I heard the words coming out of my speakers, the vision snapped into consciousness.

Hollywood is fucked.  It's great that so many are coming out and taking down the scumbags, but here's my contrarian view:

  • Why did it take so long?  Remember Monica?
  • Why didn't REAL men defend REAL women & take on the sexual deviants?
  • How can ANYONE defend any of these deplorable? 

Sure, there are douchebags from all sides yet I fear the Hollywood elite have enabled what is now an Institution of Scum.  This institution has the marketing, PR budget, and a number of enablers rivaling the Catholic Church.

The next few years should be very transformative.

Here's the article.

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