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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Ten Things All Great MpS Practices Have

1. MPS Specialists
2. Separate P/L
3. Outside MpS training
4. MpS specific software tools
5. Comp plan that includes:
    • Hardware
    • Monthly service revenue from:
    • A3 & A4
    • Managed(IT) Services
    • Renewals
    • Separate service team
6. Separate help desk
7. MpS vendors(vs. copier)
8. OEM neutral
9. Single Services contract for:
    • Copiers & Printers(A3 & A4), Paper
10. IT services
BONUS: All Managed Services Network Assessments embed an MpS study; MpS is part of the Managed Services proposal

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  1. 8. Managed Print Service Vendors vs Copiers.. what do you mean?

    1. Good Question - what I meant was to align with partners who are MpS/Service focused vs. copier/hardware focused. Most OEMs construct programs (MpS) designed for hardware in an attempt to sell more boxes.

      It's natural, but not pure play.

      Thanks for asking, keep reading!



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