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Monday, November 2, 2020

#Covid19 - The Basics of Being Human

I had thought, not long ago, the world was changing so quickly there couldn't possibly any real 'experts'. I also once believed that living the "work from anywhere life" was meant a minority of the workforce.  Although since 2009, against the dogma and constructs of the corporate rule,  I've been evangelizing the move out of the cube.

But Covid19 changed things and introduced a couple oxymorons:

1. "Back to the basics" - Just like Macbeth and the Odyssey will always be in style(hopefully), expert advice on cold-calling and organized strategic selling is universally relevant - especially today.

Catching up on the basics, reading the 'old' books, and establishing foundational skills is paramount.  But it won't end there.  There is a whole new dimension in professional selling that has not yet been defined if it ever will.  Those who stay in the world of expert sales will need to grow 100% but that expanse cannot happen without a firm grasp of the basics, human to human 'selling'.

2. Zoom/Web sessions - "More Human than Human"

The argument around remote working disconnecting us is a fallacy. Indeed, it is my conjecture that these online meetings are actually helping us all to be more human.

Consider the board room meeting. Suit & tie. Coffee service. Seating arrangements. Arrive early? Enter the room last? Power positions, reading the crowd, pacing the conversation - putting on your 'game face'. Remember?

Today, Zoom sessions have developed a few 'norms'. Pick a good background, a private location, look presentable, good lighting, and camera position, etc.  Know your technology, get a better connection, and learn how to put attendees on mute.  Things just 12 months fewer of us knew or understood.

Well everyone's got a plan until the cat jumps on your shoulders, your dogs bark at the Amazon driver, or your kids bust through the door. Every one of us has been in an awkward position at some time.  It is something we have in common.

So, when the nanny chases your toddler in the background of your very prim and proper presentation, no attendee (In listen mode only) bats an eye. We're all human. We all have worked out of the house, over the kitchen table, or spare bedroom.

And this is my point. Presenting and meeting remotely has actually helped us recognize each other as peers - the masks have dropped.  In a strange way, working physically apart has helped us all become closer.  Face it, since working at home, you are closer to your kids.  You and your significant other see each other more often and yes, you have a more intimate understanding of your peers and colleagues:

Yes, the CEO does put his pants on the same way as you. 

Yes, the UPS driver only comes when you're in the middle of a presentation. 

Yes, internal, web meetings are more productive.

Yes, the phone can be your friend again.

Yes, your kids will cry and want attention no matter how often you say, "Daddy is on an important call right now..." - and that, all of it, is okay.

More than 'okay', this is evolutionary - what a time to be around.


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