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Friday, January 28, 2022

Managed Print Services is an Opportunity. Always has been...

Ray is okay.  

But he beats up on anyone who is not one of his sponsors.  He criticizes everyone from HP to the MPSA.  HP is an easy target but the MPSA is a non-profit all-volunteer organization.  He specializes in targeting people who do not pay to be part of his cabal. Indeed, one of his current companions fell victim to his vitriol until they paid and joined his clan.

He is opinionated and not afraid to say what is on his mind a quality I typically admire.

This time Ray is pouncing on a person promoting managed print services as an opportunity.  I don't why Ray hates managed print services, but he does.  Defining managed print services as only toner and services is short-sighted - that's how Ray sees MpS.

I won't link to the original, you can find it on your own.

Below is my response, for whatever it's worth.


Okay, Ray 

- people think of you as a troll, because you act like one. 

Take it from a guy who owns "The Death of The Copier" inside the copier industry. In the early days of DOTC, I was vilified for even mentioning MpS because it "took away" volumes by reducing the number of images generated. This is true, but I was not referred to as a troll - "pain in the ass", yes.  Bully, no.

Unfortunately for you, your tone and word choice come across, at times, as boorish. Like a bully, or curmudgeon. This garbles your overall message which at times is relevant - but this is not one of those times.

Your argument against MpS representing opportunity is incorrect - but so too is the viewpoint you demean.

There is an opportunity with MpS when defined as more than toner and supplies. MpS is BPO, it is IT, it is ITAM, it is IoT and it is and always was a bridge into the MS realm.
“Managed print services is the active management and
optimization of business processes related to documents and
information including input and output devices.” - MPSA
Unattainable panacea? It would appear so, but MpS is not dead(to my surprise), just ask our friends at Lexmark and Sharp.

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