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Thursday, May 9, 2024

All In Podcast - The Re'im Music Festival, 2023

Oct 7.

If you are brave.  If you are in technology.  If technology touches your life in any way.  If you have stopped watching the 'protests'.  If you have had enough of 46 year old, lifetime agitators stirring up your kids and occupying the news reel...

Go watch this.

If you saw the same images I and much of the world saw on that day - Do you remember the young woman and the Jeep?(Made in Toledo)  Did you see the garden hoe?

Your political tendencies do not matter. 

These folks are technical capitalists, Americans, who get together every week and talk about Ai, software, and poker.  

This is one of those secrets I feel privileged to have discovered and am tugged not to share.

The podcast is special for technology's sake.  I listen each week to learn and consider the opinions of folks who have been there before.

 It took a major turn today.

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