Thursday, December 1, 2011

"We weren't Born to Follow..." - Brick and Mortar is Dead, it's a 1099 World


Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk...

I've been saying it all summer, "brick and mortar is dead."

I've been saying it for years, "the only boss we have is the one staring at us in the mirror in the morning."

I've been saying it for months, "now is the time in history when we can do exactly what we want to do."

Technology is allowing us to sell in the streets and the board room, not on a demo-floor. We can communicate with people all over the globe, at any time - email is dead.  I can run an MpS Practice from anywhere - I ain't kidding either.

I've been talking about how the 'big guys' want you to work in their cube farm, ignorant and happy.

I see the power of the corporation receding and the independence of 'one' growing.

I am not disgruntled, I have no hard feelings, I do not dislike any previous employer - we all get what we deserve, and at the time, I deserved them.

But it is hypocritical, isn't it? To espouse the benefits of individualism, encourage rebellion against the machine from the dark, safety of the night only to walk into an office the next morning, sit in a cube, and tolerate ineptitude.

There is no blame, no right or wrong - there simply is.  There is the Convergence.  The intersection of time and space; opportunity and preparedness.

So, as I advocate for change, as I encourage all those Leaps of Faith, it is time for me to look into the mirror and see what was in front of me all along.

Below, is a standard termination notification - standard in all ways except this one is real.

This one is mine.

Dear XXXX, 

Please accept this message as notification that I am leaving my position with SIGMAnet effective 11/30/2011. I appreciate the opportunities I have been given at SIGMAnet and your professional guidance and support. I wish you and the company success in the future. 

Please let me know what to expect as far as final paperwork, my employee benefits or anything else you can think of. If I can be of assistance during this transition, please let me know.  I will forward the laptop and phone to SIGMAnet, at my earliest convenience.  

Thank you again.

Greg Walters

I can not think of a more exposing or vulnerable position to be in - and yet...

It is true, DOTC will cease to expand, after the 31st.  I will not be adding content.

The blog shall stand as a static, monolithic totem guiding visitors along the path of MpS purity - a TombStone,  reminder of what was.

The Cycle will continue.

And finally, I will be living my words.