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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

MPS conference TransForm 2012 - Get There

Four the past four years, there has been one destination show for Managed Print Services - the Photizo Managed Print Services Conference.

It all started int San Antonio, Texas, back in 2008.

I was there.  Oh what a difference a few years make.

But this isn't about the past, it's about the shape of things to come.

And who better to talk about the future of MpS, than a few long-term MpS'rs.

But wait.

From London to LA, Detroit to Sydney, Tokyo to Cape Town, Seoul to Orlando, the place will be flush with purveyors of content, movers and shakers of big data, visionaries all - and that's just the attendees.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Living Under Technology - America Online to Ashley Madison to Chipping Cows


Do We Live With Technology, For Technology or Under Technology? 

There was a day, back in the 80s, when I was almost embarrassed to use a mobile phone in a car - it just felt weird.

I remember getting my first alpha-numeric pager and no longer needing to pick up messages on those little pink sheets.

Back then, a laptop was what the stripper danced on, and a tablet was medicine.

Cold calls referred to walking your territory, stepping right past the "no soliciting" sign, and asking for an appointment. No metal detectors or bullet-proof glass.

We met at clubs, church, work, and house parties.

We asked people out, face to face, not on Facebook.

And we waited by the phone...

What the hell happened?

Technology baby, that's what happened.

Technology seduces. She moves with you, around you, off your fingertips, by your command.

And she owns you.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Open Letter to The Death of the Copier Readers, Past, Present and Future.

Dear Reader - Thank You,

On December 31, 2011, I submitted the last post for The Death of The Copier. DOTC was to stand unchanging as a historical marker signifying the beginning of the End of the imaging industry, as we know it.

And honestly, there is nothing more to say about MpS or copiers. It can be summed up this way:

1. Print is decreasing; Print is Dead
2. MpS assists this movement, but user behavior is driving the shift
3. The OEMs have LOST control over the populace
4. The Independent dealers are in a great position to survive and thrive
5. The strong will survive
6. The “Next Thing” is content, Big Data, Business Process, business intelligence and mobility
7. Ultimately, like no other time in history, the real power falls to the individual

From that very first post, in 2008, my views were never and are never meant to be vindictive – I do not celebrate the demise of businesses, displacement of good people or the end of an era.

I do, however, bristle when observing blatant disregard for the obvious, can't stand bullies or their enablers and loath those who use fear to fill classes or manipulate.

But that isn't why I'm addressing you now.

Somehow, the DOTC following is growing - .  In my voluntary absence, DOTC peaked over 300,000 lifetime views – without any NEW content.

I’ve attended three shows this year and at every show, you’ve come up to say hello. Hello to me, and Jennifer. She and I have had our names screamed across a crowded bar and been challenged on our views around paperless.

This is overwhelming and humbling.

Our New Enterprise, Walters & Shutwell, is a platform for growth beyond MpS/Imaging – there is a bigger world out there. I encourage anyone with interests that transcend MpS to visit.

This is what I have decided to do here on DOTC:

It is my intent to share edgy views with those who are willing to see. Whether that be two people or 200,000 - it doesn't matter to me.  Entertainment value, perspective and stuff I would read myself - that's pretty much all I was after.

I plan on contributing back to DOTC, but not on the same schedule as the previous four years.

I will tell it as I see it.  You are more than welcome to visit, read or express your opinions.

Either way, strap in.

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