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Thursday, March 20, 2008

...This Changes Everything...

"How much difference would it make if the paper went in portrait instead of landscape?"

I was showing a client the CM8060 with Edgeline technology, I had them put on their safety goggles, and started a copy job. As they watched the print nozzle array move, the drum begin to spin and paper flowing through the system - my client, who is very smart asked, "How many pages does the drum hold?". "Three.", I replied.

"And the paper passes under the nozzles twice, right?"Another highly observant question. Now she has me interested, "Yes," my response, "Why do you ask?"

"I also noticed the paper is on the drum, length-wise, correct?"

Now I am getting really concerned, where is she going with this? "Yes, and what is your impression?"

"Well," she says, "if you change the orientation, you can get one additional page through the machine, increasing the speed by 33%- and if you could get the ink to be applied in one pass, won't that increase the speed as well?"

--- HOLY CRAP! ---

"er...yeah, I guess..." my very intelligent response, "what are you getting at?"

I know the internal drum speed is 142 pages per minute(hence burst speed on current CM8060 is 71ppm) - and I instantly recognize that if the unit could apply and dry in one pass, that would mean an output speed of 142ppm!

"you know, it would be nice if HP used these bottom two trays as one - maybe they could increase the internal paper source to 2,000 sheets and reduce the overall footprint on the machine...and Greg, I noticed that to service or remove a jam from the finisher, it needs to be slid out about 2- 3 feet..." she says.

"I see", I say, "and?"

"well, maybe they could put the finisher on a rotating platform so instead of sliding out a yard, it just moves half a foot or so and the rotates. This would allow me to free a jam and reduce the 12' foot print closer to 6 feet."

My response, "interesting...and, does your Konica Minolta do this now? How about the Canon you saw last week in Irvine?"

"No." she replies.

This changes everything.

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