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Friday, January 16, 2009

Managed Print Services - Saving Money And The Planet, Down Under

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has announced that Leighton Contractors has signed a Managed Print Services contract with HP.

As part of this contract, HP will manage and offset the carbon emissions generated by Leighton Contractors’ fleet of 700 HP LaserJet printers; total amount of carbon that will be offset from the printers will be 209 tons.

It is not mentioned if the Carbon footprint reduction was a specification of the contract or a benefit of going with HP.

“Leighton Contractors’ policies ensure that we manage our environmental footprint and minimise our environmental impact,” said Michael Herbert, Leighton Group IT, customer support manager.

“HP’s Managed Print Services offering together with the Carbon Offset program dovetails with the Leighton Contractors’ Group IT’s current “Green IT” Project.”

I first wrote about this program over the summer - 424 companies in Australia have signed up for HP’s Carbon Offset for LaserJet Printers program since its launch in February 2008.

“HP’s JetDirect and SecureJet solutions have allowed us to implement greater security for staff pool printing,” said Herbert.

“Our staff use proximity cards to print, the same cards they use to enter the building, which improves security and reduces wastage.”

According to Herbert, the disparate nature of its printing technology and the lack of a central equipment management function meant they didn’t understand the true cost of its printing infrastructure.

“HP’s managed print services provide visibility into the costs associated with our printing environment. HP looks after all billing, reporting and accounting, so that headache is taken away and taken care of by HP,” he added.

All HP printers rolled out at Leighton Contractors are HP Energy Star qualified. They produce less heat and reduce cooling loads by 15-30 percent.

They also use approximately half as much electricity.

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