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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ricoh May Want to Get "The Umbrella of Silence"

Wall Street Journal, by Dana Mattioli ...Glenn Floyd, senior director of field and headquarters human resources for Ricoh Americas Corporation in Atlanta, said he has spotted more employees hanging around in certain places like the hallways where executive offices are located, where they may be more likely to hear information about the state of the company or possible layoffs. The company is currently undergoing a reorganization, and Mr. Floyd said many employees are uneasy. "I think everyone's worried about stability right now. They come in one day and someone they worked with for 20 years isn't here anymore and it makes them wonder if they're next," he said.

To prevent private information from leaking, Mr. Floyd said he and management now have conversations behind closed doors, rather than sharing even benign information in public places, like the hallway or an open office..."

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