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Thursday, January 28, 2010

MPSA 1st Webinar - Photizo: Managed Print Services in 2010 - "...the year of the Channel..."

Your MPSA conducted it's first Higher Education webinar.

Ed Crowley from Photizo presented his view of the year to come.

Attendance was strong, the questions pertinent.

Some of the news, ominous.

Not a crystal ball in sight.

Here are some tidbits...

In 2009 MPS moved from a "sales and marketing" program into a Core offering for most MPS Practices - and this will accelerate in 2010.

MPS is moving to the mid-market.

Customers are driving into the third Stage, Enhance the Business Process and software is the way.

The "definition" subject came up - one question, "...what is MPS? Fleet management, CPC ?" Ed's response, "'s more then the fleet, it includes BPO, document flow and all the items of Stage 3..."

Scale? Systems need to be scaled from the 100's of devices up to 1,000's of devices; this is evolving.

80% of dealers are still "testing" the MPS market - remote meter reads only. A small percentage of dealers are managing their fleets. Not just marketing, not just a sales program, MPS is a change in business model. This is holding most dealers back.

Ed predicts that by 2013, 50% of resellers in North America will be out of business due to inability to be successful with MPS.

The MPS market will exceed $32 billion in revenues in 2010.

Finally, 2010 is the year of the Channel.

MPS as a practice, has evolved from a marketing scheme, or technique into a full blown, functional business model - we are at critical mass - MPS is being taken seriously now. We will see more and more emphasis on those, in the channel, who adapted to MPS, implementing a full practice.

"Hybrid Dealers" will start to take shape and form, with one national Hybrid dealer emerging in the next 3 years.

This was a very informative session. Coupled with the recent Lyra content, the times are changing, again, the future ain't what it use to be, again.

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