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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Business Reviews - "Never Kick Off With Sales Figures..."

The latest "buzz" in The Ecosystem orbits around "the Quarterly Business Review".

Be certain, if the phrase is new to you, you are a newbie. Period. No question.

It's okay. Everyone was a "QBR Virgin" at some point. And I promise to be...gentle...

First recommendation, never kick-off with Sales Figures.

The fact that more and more MPS'rs are trying to figure out QBRs is illustrative of how our industry is maturing. And that, indeed, MPS IS evolving out of the primordial scum of copier sales, sorta.

QBR's are nothing new.

I first utilized this back in the day of accounting software sales, late 80's. And the copier industry has been teaching QBRs as a great way to keep you client/churn opportunities alive.

IKON was very big on QBRs - in the manager's office at least. In the field...not so much.

Here's the secret - tell a story. Make it simple, relavent, and short.

1. Make your subject "Tweetable" - 144 characters
2. Create the "bad-guy"
2. Tell them 3 things
3. Reveal an MPS, "holy crap!" moment

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication..."

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1 comment:

  1. I'm building relationships with 2 IKON clients and the QBR came up in both meetings without me asking. Both mentioned that besides the lack of information/numbers, insights on how to improve they said their rep does a great job. He brings candy to each meeting! Ha ha ha!!!

    One mentioned it is a quarterly sales call. The other mentioned that the words "managed print services" were introduced at the last meeting. The IKON rep said since they had the copiers under maintenance that they are already getting all the benefits of MPS.

    My only question to both, "what were their recommendations to helping you reduce print costs?"

    uhhm....silence is golden...


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