Sunday, July 15, 2012

Press Release - Walters & Shutwell


Greg Walters and Jennifer Shutwell combine forces to provide illumination, analysis, management and mentoring for a transforming industry.

Walters & Shutwell, announces a complete regimen of webinars and events designed help people communicate and navigate the complexities of changing business processes.

Davidson, NC, July 16, 2012: With over four decades of tactical and strategic experience in managed services, systems integration, professional selling and management, Walters & Shutwell is uniquely positioned to help people redesign the status quo, identify opportunities and thrive in transformative times.

"Jennifer and I are excited to offer our services and know-how to the imaging and other industries. We see a vibrant niche hungering for new approaches and fresh ideas in mobility, communications and personal acceleration”, said Greg Walters, “Jennifer brings years of enterprise level sophistication and panache. She easily builds relationships and communicates trust with people.”

Headquartered in Davidson, NC, Walters & Shutwell is a Communication and Mobile Force Transformation practice conducting business anywhere on the planet – “Mobile Force” is not simply un-tethered workers. It is freedom.

Their first series of events grow out of the imagining niche with titles like, “How to Steal a Customer” and “MpS Confidential: How to Buy Managed Print Services” then segue into “Finding personal balance in Chaos” and “Communication and Inside Transformation”.
“In the technological realm, process sometimes takes precedent over people.

People are not ‘commodities’ or ‘assets’. We’re living, breathing, brilliant possibilities“, says Jennifer Shutwell, “Our mission is to simply reveal hidden possibilities in an increasingly complex world. We look forward to working with companies and individuals looking for what's next…”

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