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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The 2014 Executive Connection Summit - "They Let the DeathOfTheCopierGuy In?"

The Executive Summit has been in existence for three years, this is my first one.  For context, I've attended and spoken at every domestic Photizo MPS conference, I attended and spoken at a few ITEX get-togethers and a BTA meeting - I 've attended more shows than I can remember.

I've known of MWAi and the group for years, meeting Mike Stramaglio at a Lyra back in ....2009 or 08, I forget. Mike and I have broken bread and on occasion, we've even solved many of the world's problems over whiskey, Cabernet, or some other variation of libation.  Mike is a consummate gentleman, a shrewd businessman and a not so in the closet, technological, bleeding-edger - he is my kind of industry player.

I'm a bit of nervousness I attend.  Mike has built this show in response to what he saw as a void on our industry.  He saw a space between today and tomorrow.  Indeed, between yesterday and tomorrow.  He felt our industry was not embracing technology, that we were staying in that past, not reaching our potential and quite possibly headed for extinction.

 He started Technology United.

So, here I am...Dave Ramos, Scott Cullen, Jackie, a gaggle of guys from the channel, two martinis down, one blog out(at 30,000 feet no less) and one in process.

What Do I Expect?

I expect to hear how each speaker is going to change the market.
I expect to see and hear how Technology United is helping the channel move from transactional to services
Why is this conference different from any other?
Who didn't attend and why?
What do people think is going to happen in the future?

Here is the speaker list for today:


Everything from massive turbulence and opportunity, connected MFPs, the Internet of things and new revenue streams are on tap.

Let the knowledge transfer begin...

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