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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Merry Christmas, 2016

From Detroit to SoCali to Davidson, NC to Oconomowoc, WI (Yes, it is a real town) it's been a heck of a tour with no sign of letting up.

I started DOTC in 2008 and I've tried to mark each Christmas with pithy prose and cute, snowy pictures.

Over the years and miles, much has changed - not only in our little niche, but in the world of business, technology, and society.

The world is just as violent, but we Americans appear to be more afraid than ever before.  

Business moves faster as Moore's law stretches us beyond compare. Issues come and go with every condensing news cycle.

I've lived through the personal computer age, moved from the C prompt to the mouse, from pink notes to voicemail, pagers to cell phones, typewriters to printers, printers to copiers, copiers to the cloud - MiRC, Prodigy, AoL, MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook - yup, done em all.

But from my vantage point, with so much change, the core remains the same.  I guess it comes from getting on in years, one begins to recognize patterns in life.

For instance, we're currently making a big deal over millennials and how different 'they' act and how they have strange expectations from the world.

Sounds a bit like the Generation Gap of the '60s.

Also, we're witnessing the disintegration of an industry we, the US, created - printers and copiers.  It is likely that one of the most prolific and recognized American brands will fade away to nothing in the next five years.  Xerox.  Lexmark is now a Chinese firm leaving Mother Blue(HP, Inc.) in the dubious position of carrying Old Glory into the paperless abyss.

Much like the computer age of the '80s and 90's - will Xerox be the next Digital Equipment Company?

Indeed, can a parallel be drawn between Lexmark and AMC; between HP and IBM?

But I digress.

The future looks bright - it always does, it always has - it is my intention to journey forth and boldly go, into whatever the next Christmas has in store.

Merry Christmas, dear reader.

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