Thursday, January 10, 2019

10 Things You Should Know When Recruited By a Copier Reseller

In my day, if you wanted a job at a copier dealer, you called them up, made contact, faxed over a resume and went in for an interview.  Back before then, the size of your vehicle dictated a hire. In any case, you would be hired on the spot.

Today, colleges teach selling.  Today, copier dealers hit the recruitment tour, roving from campus to campus, pitching corporate culture, un-capped commissions, advancement, and trips to far away lands.

I still believe the copier industry, even in its last days, is the place to get great sales training, create and hone interpersonal skills and improve the resume for your next position.  

But there is bullshit and it starts with first contact.  Allow me to clear the air -

  • When you hear a recruiter say they sell "Business technology" it means you will be selling copiers.
  • "New Business Development", "Territory Manager", or "Sales Executive" means cold calling, walking the street, and ignoring "No Soliciting" signs. 
  • Attractive recruiters have never sold a thing in their lives except the company they are promoting.
  • Hopefully, nobody is still saying un-capped "commissions".  Who in their right mind would cap commissions?
  • Speaking of commissions, don't worry whatever the recruiter says, you will not hear about 90 days to pay commissions, that other people calculate your commissions, or that you'll be in charge of collecting pass due payments, delivering toner and resolving invoice issues.(over billing)
  • A "Company Car" might mean you'll be driving a billboard sign, between the hours of 7-6 and remotely tracked for speed and location.
  • Sales Training will be like nothing you've been through before. Those college sales classes were just another revenue stream for the university.  Worthless.
  • More training.  Beside learning how to sell, training includes sitting in hours of useless copier functionality classes.  "Did you know our copiers have 'apps'? Just like your phone!" It will be like drinking from a fire hydrant - in Flint, Mi.
  • No such thing as Life Balance. This will not be a 9-5 job, more like 6:30AM to 7:00PM with work to do at home.  When you hear, "We work hard and we play hard." beware.  It typical means you'll work hard and get to see your managers and co-workers drunk or coked out at the company Christmas party.
  • Culture.  Everybody has the best culture, sells the best machines and incorporates the best sales process.  Take it with a grain of salt.
Ten quick points to keep in mind the next time a copier, I mean, Technology Company sets up a table at the university recruiting show.

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