Monday, September 9, 2019

The Next Level in Selling: "The Converged".

"The convergence of human and machine, the biological and mechanical, is the result of a confluence of innovation, technology and social flows destined from the beginning. This motion is unstoppable. Unstoppable. In addition to the high-thinking, man/machine convergence, we’re starting to see the impact of all things converging.

Consider the way connectivity, manufacturing, software development, business, society and, yes, even managed print have converged into a borderless, almost transparent solution."

I postulated this idea back in 2013 over at the Imaging Channel, .

Indeed, these ideals have made #ArcDrive a reality.

Today, I'm promoting the idea of "The Converged Professional. (CP)

Who is a CP?

What one person on your team can talk about hardware, workflow, solutions, accounts receivables, inventory control, sales promotion, the paper to digital journey, networking, branding, human resources, cost analysis, contract negotiations, return on investment, with prospects and clients?

Who remains relevant after the sale?
Who can present cross-silo recommendations with cost and benefit analysis?
Who can identify with ALL facets of a client's business including and beyond the services the professional represents?
Who registers the cultural impacts of applied technology?

Is this person an SME? No.
Is this person a technocrat? No.
Is he or she a 'generalist'? Negative.
Is he or she bionic? Sorry, no.

The Converged Professional is well versed in multiple business languages - they know the difference between MRPI and MRPII. They understand a worthy, new solution is always a shock to the existing system/ status quo and have ideas based on experience how to best manage change.
The ‘Converged…’ are cross-silo-experienced based.

Consider managed print services.

For most, MPS is a service to help better manage print supplies and service - all billed on a contractual, per use, agreement. Period. Sometimes “fleet optimization" is a stated goal but means selling devices.

On the other hand, a Converged Professional recognizes the cultural impact of ‘managing supplies’ and identifies roadblocks to efficiency.

The ‘Converged’ has no problem diagraming the present and new accounts receivable workflow - on the back of a napkin, without consulting the ‘systems engineer’ back in the office.

The Converged, articulate marketing and business benefits to both end-users and C-level influencers.

The Converged manages a project in broad strokes, relinquishing the details to more qualified professionals.

Converged are focused, not victims of tunnel vision.

The Converged connect the lights in the night sky into a constellation of business efficiency; virtuosos, orchestrating timeless works of art.


  1. Greg... i like where you were going with this but did you forget to finish it and thought: "i'll just post it anyway... no one will notice" ?? Keep workin on it mate!

  2. posted what I thought was a complete work, but can see your point. Thanks!