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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Remote Working and Home Schooling...

I wonder how everyone is going to feel when parents discover home school is actually better than classroom driven social agendas?

At home, you can truly be any gender you want, even ‘binary’ without fear of persecution. Parents can teach sex as something two people, a man and a woman (not that there’s anything wrong that) do together. Mom can tell stories about the Revolutionary War, The family can Watch Saving Private Ryan and the talk about it AROUND the dinner table.

Aunt Beru can come over and teach gun safety.

No climate control talk OR all climate control drivel - it’s your house, not a government-sponsored re-education camp. ( not that YOUR school is one, other people’s schools are...not yours)

Regardless of the political ramifications, the coronavirus is changing everyday life.  We are now presented with an opportunity to change the way our children learn.  Actually, this is more than an opportunity, we're beyond that stage.  We are in the midst of everything we know about work, home, and commuting transforming.

This is the revolution.

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