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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

#WorkFromAnywhere is a Culture

One of the arguments for a "back-to-the-cube" is corporate culture will be negatively affected when employees are not in close physical proximity.

This is false and manipulative.  

Corporate Culture supports company ideals, values, and mission.  I have yet to see a mission statement that includes "a place where all employees can work together under one roof, for 12 hours a day"

Instead of vilifying the work from anyway movement, better organizations will renegotiate property leases, redesign the promotion process, 

Organizations with a #WFH culture will CERTAINLY create ways to 'promote' and build careers within the organization.

But wait...perhaps we're thinking of this completely wrong. 

#WFH changes everything. 

Perhaps the 'new' career path is yet to be created yet. Maybe, we don't know how the new culture will evolve.

"hybrid" and corporate culture claims are lies and trojan horses. The establishment, the old skool, the status quo, will cease to exist when #WFH becomes the norm.

If you don't want to work in a cube, report to an office at 7:30 AM after a 45-minute commute, sit in on empty meetings, listen to know-nothing middle managers pontificate company dogma, engage in another commute home at 6:00 PM to cold dinners, and missed Little League games, seek out organizations who feel the same way.  Find companies that understand office space leases are not as important as employee wellbeing.  

Be patient, don't let your current bosses know you're looking, tow the corporate line, feign loyalty (like they have for decades) and keep your eyes open.  

The New Way of Work is still evolving. Look for them better organizations to rise, slowly, above the fray.

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