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Saturday, July 2, 2022

What Big Data Says About Psychedelics

Interesting article.  Mind-altering substances, medical treatments, and big data.

Scientists are aiming artificial intelligence at the puzzle that is our brains.

  • Research using natural-language processing tools in machine learning is helping us understand conscious awareness and how drugs alter it.
  • Mental health conditions may be the price we humans pay for the huge evolutionary advantage of having a default mode network.
  • Psychedelics may work by lifting the filters of sensory input essential to DMN processes.

The default mode network - 

Friday, July 1, 2022

Walt's Weekly Word, Week 9, June 10

PLayboy, Tigerpaw, More Vinyl than Downloads, Buying Less Crap, & Shrinkage

Walt's Spin

This week there's, even more, #WorkFromAnywhere content, the first DOTPE Leadership Influencer, #Tigerpaw, is revealed, we're all buying less crap, and TikTok is full of back-to-office mockery.

"Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, Best Buy and most every other retailer are having their own mismatch of supply and demand..."

Speaking of selling, we all hate cold calls. Don't lie, you do. The worst thing about cold calls isn't the dialing, it's WASTEFUL dialing. There is a better way, it 'costs' more, shrinks lists from 10,000 to 500, and increases pick-up rates to as high as 90%+. 

Nobody is saying 'Cold calling is Dead...' there are just better ways.

"So unless you have some physical item, what's in it for the customer to meet in person on an initial meeting?"

From LinkedIn, 2022

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