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Monday, November 21, 2022

"Climate Change", False #WFH Claims and the State of Fear

Food has become more expensive...

Shelter has become more expensive - can you not see...?

How much short-term pain will you be required to sustain?..decades worth?..

"For your own benefit.  Remember that..."

They are all wrong.  More importantly, articles like these are nothing more than propaganda.  Did Musk ever say WHY he evolved into a less harsh position?  Isn't it possible this was the plan all along? -GRW

No matter how you feel about climate change, human impact on the planet, and who is to blame - step out of your beliefs for one second and consider the effect of a system dictating behavior for an entire planet.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

"The best part of any office job is the fact can print."

"Have you ever thrown away...warm paper?"

In less than two minutes and thirty seconds, the entire work-from-anywhere-but-the-office movement and the PaperLess Office Deniers are exposed for all to see.

This guy hits printing all your emails, returning to the office simply to access the printer, and not backing up in the cloud, but on 'Trees'. 

Thursday, November 3, 2022

E*Commerce: Where B2C Thrives and Old Business Systems Go To Die.

Summary: DOTC argues that selling office technology has become a commodity, with e-commerce platforms replacing the need for sales reps to pitch the product. The author suggests that instead of focusing on the hardware, companies should shift their focus to managed services and helping businesses increase sales, reduce costs, and grow profits.

You've heard it, "If you aren't on my e-commerce platform, you're going to die."  or this one, "Today, you don't need any outside sales reps.  Your prospects don't want to talk to your pushy, commission-breath, hired guns anymore...they'd much rather tap a few keys and have the copier show up at the door."

Well, not that bad.

To be certain, having an ecomm presence is a good thing- for ribbons, toner cartridges, staples, highlighters, and white out.  Groceries, bicycles, and yoga pants are easy to purchase online as well.  So are motor oil, shampoo, peanuts, air compressors, and even lawnmowers.

Do you see the common thread?

Commodity: a mass-produced unspecialized product

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