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Thursday, February 29, 2024

3D "Printers" - More Than Meets the Eye

Spooky, the kid is a table.

Digitally Remastered from 2010.

Let's cut to the chase. 

When most of us hear "3D printer," we don't think of a printer; we think of the replicators from "Star Trek." Yet, during a visit to one of the top design schools in the world (and a current client), I stumbled upon a machine using an Epson printhead to do just that.

Surprisingly, I found myself interrupting someone's lunch to get a tour that included this technological marvel nestled beside the woodshop. My curiosity skyrocketed. Without any previous exposure to 3D printing, I bombarded my impromptu guide with questions about how it works and its use by students.

The first thing that caught my attention was the term "printing" used to describe the process, and second, my guide's charm didn't hurt either.

My last campus visit was decades ago, focused on engineering and business, far from the art world's embrace. Yet, here I was, stepping into Otis College of Art and Design in LA, my curiosity piqued.

Business Matters

Ai, Copiers, & You Leap of Faith - This Leap Year is Your Leap Year

Leap Year - 2024, the Year You Take Control

I know you're out there trying to sell the latest Sharp, or Ricoh device.  And yeah, digital document management is the greatest talk track ever.  Don't forget managed print services, remote monitoring, 400 years in the industry, technicians with real first names, and the dozen or so, sales reps before you that managed your territory into oblivion.

I know you've got a quota, love to cold call and think your manager is the greatest the Western Hemisphere has to offer.

That about it?

Monday, February 26, 2024

MPS Selling Appointment: "This is Turning Out to Be One Hell of a Morning!" - Remasterd

Digitally Remastered, 2/2024, from the original, here.

Maximizing MPS Sales: A Tale of Preparation vs. Simplicity

It's 8:15 AM, and you're on time, waiting in the lobby of Galactic RailWorks, surrounded by the hustle of fifteen hundred users. You're here to meet the CFO, who made it clear over the phone that he's looking for a local, flexible provider, not involved in "large, enterprise-level engagements."

You come prepared with a wealth of materials: marketing pamphlets, software datasheets, and a company profile, all printed in vivid color. Your faux leather portfolio holds a fresh pad of graph paper, brimming with newly printed business cards that label you as an "MPS Specialist."

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