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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Ai, Copiers, & You Leap of Faith - This Leap Year is Your Leap Year

Leap Year - 2024, the Year You Take Control

I know you're out there trying to sell the latest Sharp, or Ricoh device.  And yeah, digital document management is the greatest talk track ever.  Don't forget managed print services, remote monitoring, 400 years in the industry, technicians with real first names, and the dozen or so, sales reps before you that managed your territory into oblivion.

I know you've got a quota, love to cold call and think your manager is the greatest the Western Hemisphere has to offer.

That about it?

Now, put all that aside.  Take the Leap.  Spend twenty bucks a month on OpenAi and start using it:
  • Write an email, paste it into the LLM, and ask for improvements.
  • Write a stream of thought about your last client meeting and tell it to write a follow up email.
  • Find an article you enjoy, about ANYTHING, cut and paste into the LLM and ask for a summary.  Then rephrase the content into a simple article or post and let it loose.
If your dealer is waiting to get into Ai, ignore the ignorance and move forward.

Artificial Intelligence, through an LLM, is not some ivory-tower, Subject Matter Expert filtered, OEM sponsored unobtainable behemoth.  That is a narrative.

Get into Ai today.  Make 2024 be your year of Ai.

If you're using it now, start using it every single day; immersion is the Way.

Take that Leap(Year) of Faith, now.

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