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Monday, February 26, 2024

MPS Selling Appointment: "This is Turning Out to Be One Hell of a Morning!" - Remasterd

Digitally Remastered, 2/2024, from the original, here.

Maximizing MPS Sales: A Tale of Preparation vs. Simplicity

It's 8:15 AM, and you're on time, waiting in the lobby of Galactic RailWorks, surrounded by the hustle of fifteen hundred users. You're here to meet the CFO, who made it clear over the phone that he's looking for a local, flexible provider, not involved in "large, enterprise-level engagements."

You come prepared with a wealth of materials: marketing pamphlets, software datasheets, and a company profile, all printed in vivid color. Your faux leather portfolio holds a fresh pad of graph paper, brimming with newly printed business cards that label you as an "MPS Specialist."

At your feet, your laptop contains a concise, 32-slide presentation, ready to go, with a backup saved on a pen drive in your pocket.

Despite a night of little sleep, fueled by anticipation, you feel ready. You've rehearsed your presentation with the Sales Manager every Monday and even practiced cold calls.

You're equipped for this, your first MPS appointment, aiming to secure approval for your assessment.

However, your confidence is shaken when you notice your seasoned companion, an MPS Selling Professional named Hicks, appearing to nap beside you. Hicks, your appointed coach, seems unprepared by conventional standards, lacking any of the materials you've brought.

As you're instructed to head to the CFO's office, Hicks surprises you by taking all your materials, leaving you with nothing but your nerves as you follow him in.

This stark contrast in approach underscores a valuable lesson: the essence of selling MPS isn't found in marketing materials, software, or rehearsed presentations. True engagement comes from understanding the business, internalizing your process, and connecting directly with clients.

Forget the props and embrace the core of your message and the value you bring. That's the key to making a lasting impression.

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