Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tasty Toner...Yum Yum....

Printers and copiers around the globe will soon be changed for the better as they will begin to use soy-based toner That is according to The Ohio Soybean Council, Battelle and Advanced Image Resources.

In an article in the Ohio Farmer(here) this new technology is being commercialized by
Advanced Image Resources, a Georgia-based company and will be available later this year. AIR will produce the soy-based resin that serves as the building block for the new toner, and sold under the trade names BioRez and Rezilution.

"With more than 400 million pounds of petroleum-derived toners and resins used annually in the U.S. to make 3 trillion copies in photocopiers and printers, there is a great market opportunity for soy-based toners and resins," says Tom Gandolfi, AIR President. "While other soy-based inks have been used in the printing industry for over 15 years, gaining a 30% market share, this new technology is the first of its kind in the laser printer and copier industry."

And from the AIR site:

Specific improvements achievable with bio-based soy toners include:
  • High quality of copies and prints
  • Easy and ready removal of toners from fused images in the recovery of secondary fiber in a paper de-inking mill
  • Simpler and less capital intensive de-inking process
  • Help in finding value-added uses for office waste paper and thus increase collection and recycle of waste paper
  • Raw material for toner resin is based on renewable resource and thus minimizing reliance on scarce fossil source
  • Total energy savings – in the manufacture of resin, de-inking process, less need for virgin cellulose fiber
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions
  • A systems oriented solution that helps OEMs, secondary fiber mills that manufacture de-inked fibers from office waste, waste paper collection and process industry, and society at large by offering an environmentally friendly solution that has benign impact.
So it seems that this type of toner will allow for easier "de-inking" which is involved with recycling paper...interesting...

I wonder if this will do the same for Soy futures as Ethanol did for corn...

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