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Carpou Goes to Profit Recovery Partners

IKON Veteran Joins Profit Recovery Partners

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IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ — Profit Recovery Partners (PRP)

announced today that Bill Carpou has joined the company’s senior executive

team as vice president of sales and marketing. An industry veteran with more

than 18 years of experience, Carpou most recently served as area vice

president and general manager for IKON Office Solutions’ Southern California

operations, headquartered in Irvine, Calif.

Carpou joined IKON in 1990 as vice president of sales for the company’s

Philadelphia operation, and later became vice president of sales and marketing

for the company’s Northeast region. After relocating to Laguna Niguel, Calif.,

in 1998, he assumed responsibility for IKON’s Southern California operation, a

position he held until March 2005 when he transferred to the company’s

headquarters in Malvern, PA, to become vice president of marketing for IKON

North America. Carpou accepted his most recent position as area vice president

and general manager after returning to California in August 2007.

“Bill’s experience and credibility will further support the growth

objectives of PRP over the next 10 years as we expand the services we provide

to our existing and new customers,” said Don Steiner, president of PRP.

Carpou added, “I am thrilled to be part of one of the fastest-growing

companies in Southern California. PRP’s business model, which combines the

expertise of our staff with our long-term verification and support system

program, allows us to fully understand and meet the requirements of each

customer, regardless of their size or industry.”


Profit Recovery Partners (PRP) is a national consulting organization

headquartered in Irvine, California. It specializes in the development,

implementation and support of administrative expense reduction solutions for

Fortune 1000 and other middle market companies. Since its inception in 1997,

PRP has served its clients by producing competitive, lean cost structures

through the application of proprietary procurement management methodologies,

and by leveraging unique vendor knowledge and purchasing power.

SOURCE Profit Recovery Partners

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  1. Carpou is a winner and any company is luck to have him. Look for PRP to make big advances and expand their client base, solutions and revenue.

  2. This is a very interesting move. I worked for Bill and he is one of the best leaders. It will be interesting on who shows up at this new company

  3. Good for him. There is life and seems like a good life after IKON for the best people.

  4. I really didn't work with him that much, while he was there...

    I doubt he knows who I am.

    But, I never had a problem with him and he seemed to know what he was doing.

  5. I have reviewed the website and this company is well positioned for the economic climate we are in. I have worked with Bill in the past and this seems well suited for his ability to move an organization into new more profitable space and build a sales orgnaization.

  6. What timing. I am somewhat familiar with the concept and the combination of todays economic climate with Bill's leadership ability will make Profit Recovery Partners a success. Is the company public and can you buy stock?

  7. Sadly however (or is it more - scary?) ... practically everything that PRP touts as "what to watch out for" on their very own 'Perils of Leasing' newsletter ... IKON is well known to do!! Shipping fees at lease end? Automatic 12-month extensions without proper notice? Late fees? Property Insurance?! Billing for buyouts that include unearned interest, service and supplies!?! Yep, yep and yep.

    (Been in the industry 13 years - seen it a few hundred dozen times.)


  8. anonymous -

    Leasing - shouldn't it just be, they (the leasing company) let me pay for the machine, over time, charge me a little more for the ability to pay over time, and when that time is up, we both go our separate ways?

    Can it be that simple?

    Leasing "agreements", copier service agreements, uniform rental service contracts can be replete with one-sided clauses and terminology.

    - and yes, there are situations when leasing makes sense...

    Thank you for your comment, keep coming back.


  9. I understand that Carpou was offered the Presidents position at Toshiba in California and other high level positions at Konica and Xerox. Is there any truth to this and if so what is the status. The California marketplace is ripe and I know he would have a large following of high performing sales executives and sales managers to join him. What a win that would be for any of these companies. Word is he is doing great at PRP and enjoys the company alot.

  10. Look for PRP to make a big move the next few years. Carpou is a "big player" and nothing he does is small. He has built a good team and improved the reputation and credibility of PRP in the market. They are a great company going places. I also heard he was leaving for Toshiba which would have been a big win for that company who has struggled in California. No doubt, Carpou would have had a mass following that would have resulted in IKON closing their doors! I think he declined and some nice guy from Kentucky is in who will be eaten alive in Southern California. This market is all about recruiting and nobody does it even close to the level of Carpou. IKON, Xerox, CBS and Konica all must be breathing easy today!

  11. All I can say is "Carpou is one hell of a Class act", I would work for him any day

  12. Is there any word on how PRP is doing since Carpou went there. It has been 2 years and in that time he has always had operations exploding. I run into people there and they say he is doing great and has made a big impact providing PRP credibility and a national footprint into large accounts coast to coast.

  13. Bill Carpou is a professional. His current boss, unfortunately, is a con artist. I wish Bill the best of luck.

  14. Looks like the snake oil that Bill was sold to join Profit Recovery Partners has run out. This is a blow for the company, and it'll be interesting to see what impact this has on the company's diminishing morale and future.


  15. Anyone that knows Bill has to be suprised it lasted this long. It was certainly good for PRP but Bill's character and integrity are too high for him to work with Steiner. A blog referred to it as snake oil but its just old fashioned BS that Don uses on everyone.

  16. Ditto the previous comment.