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Thursday, November 20, 2008

PC Magazine Dropping Print for Online -

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PC Magazine has been reporting on the personal computer since 1982- I remember the first time I saw an issue - it had something to do with printing...

Today, the magazine announced it was dropping its print edition next year - you will be able to find the magazine, online only.

"Moving our flagship property to an all-digital format is the final step in an evolutionary process that has been playing out over the last seven years," Ziff Davis Media chief executive Jason Young said.

"Since 2000, online has been the focal point where technology buyers get their information, and technology marketers are directing their dollars to drive demand and build their brands.

"We have been carefully preparing for this step and are fortunate to have a digital business that has the scale, profit, and opportunity to carry the brand powerfully into the future," he said.

PC Magazine is the latest US publication to drop its print edition and jump to an online format.

One of my previous posts,
The Death of Print - 12,000 Layoffs And Counting outlines a 100-year-old magazine moving online.

HP reports that around 95% of ALL the Printing in the world is ink based. This is primarily due to magazine and newspaper print.

With this trend, the printing of magazines and newspapers is being transferred to the customer along with the costs...

the death of print

The death of Print

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