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Monday, November 17, 2008

Photizo Group Releases First-ever Study of Western European Managed Print Services

Photizo Group Releases First-ever Study of Western European Managed Print Services Research reveals significant differences in MPS requirements across countries (PRWEB) November 17, 2008 -- A new study from the Photizo Group captures the nuances and preferences of the Western European Managed Print Services (MPS) market. The Western European MPS Decision Maker Tracking Study™ is the first dedicated research into managed print services in France, Germany, and the UK. The first-of-its-kind study is available now. "The practice of managed print services can be adopted by companies anywhere, but priorities, concerns, and preferences can and do vary, according to our research. As vendors pursue MPS opportunities, this information can guide their efforts in productive directions. Companies in these countries considering MPS contracts will also benefit from understanding how others in their markets are evaluating and adopting MPS," said Ed Crowley, founder and president of the Photizo Group. Photizo gathered data from over 300 MPS decision-makers in IT, facilities management, and purchasing roles, representing France, Germany, and the UK. The research has two major components. The brand study assesses brand awareness, consideration, familiarity, and satisfaction. The purchase study closely examines MPS decision drivers, the scope and breadth of MPS agreements, and the profiles of MPS decision makers. The brand study helps decision-makers identify how their brand is performing in relation to competitive brands. Key metrics such as brand awareness and consideration are key leading indicators of the brand's future market share and competitive position. The Photizo Group has developed a proprietary "Brand Strength Index™" measurement, which identifies the relative strength of major brands using brand awareness, consideration, and familiarity metrics. In addition, the firm has created a "Brand Experience Index™" measurement, which is based on MPS decision-makers' satisfaction with their MPS provider and their willingness to recommend this provider to other firms. The study has found that the "Big Three" brands have a significant distance from the rest of the pack in terms of brand strength. At the same time, most firms have relatively high Brand Experience Index scores, indicating a high overall satisfaction level with MPS providers. The purchasing study identifies 23 specific MPS offerings such as: * Automatic supplies replenishment * Recommendations on device deployment and installation * End user training * Maintenance actions * Device utilization monitoring and reporting * Help desk services * Supplies replacement onsite While requirements in North America and Western Europe are similar in many respects (18 out of 23 criteria), there are significant differences on key service deliverables. In fact, there is a greater degree of variability within Western Europe than between Western Europe and the United States. Of the European countries studied, 13 of 23 requirements were significantly different. The implication is that each region requires uniquely crafted MPS solutions; a "one size fits all" approach is not the best answer. Pan-European programs must allow for country-level flexibility in order to meet country-level requirements. There are clear differences between regions that must be understood in order to craft effective MPS programs and marketing campaigns.

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