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Friday, November 28, 2008

Xerox Set to Release Solid Ink MFP -2009

11x17, from BLI...

Xerox is releasing a new MFP based on the solid-ink technology it purchased along with Tektronix in 2000.

From the BLI report,

"...Xerox is readying an A3-class color MFP based on its solid-ink technology as a competitor to 11" x 17" color laser engines and HP’s Edgeline inkjet-based offerings. Pioneered by Oregon State University researchers in the 1980s and commercialized by printer maker Tektronix (Xerox acquired the color printing and imaging division of Tektronix in 2000), solid-ink engines are currently used by Xerox in some A4-class printers and MFPs such as the Phaser 8860 family (which includes the 8860 and the 8860MFP). The technology uses melted ink sticks, as opposed to toner particles or liquid ink, to render an image..."

The technology is good- ease of use in terms of adding "toner", and the Green value with no empty bottles or cartridges.

I wonder if Xerox has figured a way to prevent the color pie chart from melting off your proposal while it sits in the car on a hot summer's day...


  1. Greg,

    I work for Xerox’s solid ink business and was happy to see your post on our latest solid ink news. We’re excited about the implications of this new technology in the A3 space as solid ink has come a long way since the Tektronix days. One thing I did want to clarify is that the latest generation of this technology is immune to a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions. And its output is smudge-free and 100% waterfast, which is an important quality in rainy Wilsonville, Oregon – where I live! We’d be happy to send you a print sample to give it a test for yourself.

    Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on the latest industry news and I look forward to reading more.

    Shell Haffner, Xerox

  2. Shell,

    Thanks for your comment.

    The example I referred to I have seen with my own eyes, but was of an earlier technology.

    I will check output from a more recent model and report back.

    It is my opinion that there will be NO melting of the ink, due to sun temperature.

    Keep Checking back.

  3. I am interested in the new solid ink printer. If Shell reads this, can you please advise if the new A3 solid ink printer will be able to print banners up to 900mm long? Will the printer be available in Australia as well? Thank you.

  4. I too cant wait to get my hands on a sample of a Xerox MFP magic-wax-stick printout. I also cant wait to see the erasable ink. Xerox is really starting to stand out for the others and make a name for themself. At least one company is willing to go a little further than the others!


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