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Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Movie: "Surrogates"...TheMatrix Meets SecondLife Meets DieHard - A World For No Paper

What is the way to reduce paper output costs to zero?

No paper at all.

Paper is the perfect medium, for now. It's static, portable, abundant and common. Easy to use and universally excepted, paper is the ultimately simple, graphic user interface. The basic transportable transfer of information.

The "Holy Grail" - the Paperless society - will need to somehow transcend this basic need, the simple, constrained manner in which data and information is collected and presented to others - we would need to skip the solid medium all together.

Connecting directly into the mind.

Sure, just like Johnny Mnemonic, right?

In this movie, much like The Matrix, real humans are physically safe and sound at home, connected to the "machine". "Surrogates", extremely good looking and capable droids, live out their physical lives - much like Second Life.

Life controlled remotely, with the mind.

Enter some science fiction and some science fact.

Stay with me here, recently as seen on 60 Minutes, scientists have now been able to a) implant sensors onto the brain, reading electric impulses triggered by thought and b) manufacture a cap that detects the same type of brain/mind activity - the result - controlling a mouse or ANY OTHER DEVICE.

It's called BrainGate and it is just the beginning.

So I'm thinking, not only would we be able to program TiVo or order Chinese by just thinking - we will be MindFax'ing each other.

From text books to FaceBook - instantaneously and in hi-def.

No keyboards, no dual-monitors, no printers, ink cartridges or toner deliveries and no paper.

Yes, a fertile imagination...

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  1. Jonathan Mostow always done surprised things and his new movie surrogates will be super fantastic one. though some of people think this is a fantasy future, this can be happen truly in near future.



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