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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh No! Another Imaging Publication! Yeah, but, this ones got me in it. How bad can it be?

Imaging Solutions Reseller launched its site today.

Scott Cullen, the Editor, says, "...we like to think that Imaging Solutions Reseller is more than just another imaging publication.

We’re exclusively an online, interactive publication that is written, edited, and managed by industry insiders. Our audience is anyone who sells and services imaging solutions (hardware, software, parts, consumables), including independent dealers, VARs, and manufacturer direct branches.

Content is determined and created by our editors, bloggers, and an editorial board consisting of dealer principals and feet-on-the-street sales reps..."

Ok - should be interesting.

Judging by one of their first feature stories, "Copier Dealers Gone Wild" I almost expected pics of shirtless sales managers kissing each other.(gag, upchuck, hurl...)

Fear not dear reader, this tome has nothing to do with the forbidden, manager-on-manager love.

Let me pull a quote out of that article,

"...Walters’ company only sells HP and since HP’s MFPs top out at 60 ppm, he needed to partner with a dealer with a broader line of MFPs. Because the client wanted to stay local, Walters arranged a meeting with a local copier dealer..."

Oh my, do tell...go on...go on...

I won't re-post the remainder of the article, but I really do encourage you to venture over.

Read more here and respect the Leopard Headgear or I will plaster pics of its brother, the Leopard Thong...

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