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Saturday, September 26, 2009

One "Big Copier" or a Small Fleet of MFP's? What say You?

Nathan over a Adventures of Office Imaging put up a nifty little comic.

Thought provoking. I found myself internally selling either option.

It's a classic and evolving story - I believe HP touts a statistic that for every "copier" in the field, there are 5-8 laser-based devices.

Seems to me that a mix of devices within the fleet is realistic.

Having a fleet of smaller devices, distributed though out an organization is not bad, it's the management of those assets/supplies/service that can get tricky.


Joe and Zoe.


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    KISS Marketing Post above

  3. When you have been in the business as long as we have Greg, managing those machines is second nature. Thanks for your interest in the comic/post. By the way, are you a metal head? A fan of the band killswitch engage? I am more of a Pantera guy if I am going to listen to metal. I am really more into Phish and Jamband/progrock scene myself. Since we are now on this topic check out this great marketing blog post about KISS (yes the band).

  4. Nathan, regarding musical tastes, I found out (more by accident than by design) that Greg is actually a fan of the Pet Shop Boys. True story! ;/

  5. Indeed!

    PetShopBoys, to ABC to White Zombie to Metallica to Bob Seger to Bruce Springsteen to REO to Shakira to Mozart...

    And all music in between...



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