Saturday, June 19, 2010

Managed Print Services: Its Not an Industry, Its a LifeStyle. Just Like Cars and Freedom.

Between one quarterly review and a MPS Planning meeting, I need to grab some grub.

In the middle of Norco, California I find a Japanese steak house, Sushi and all. Interesting tid-bits about Norco; its name is a combination of the words "North and "Corona" - Norco. Norco has no sidewalks, as it is a Horse town - the horses don't like sidewalks. And yes, there is a bar with an actual, hitching post out front.

While sitting in this Japanese eatery, in the midst of "western town, USA", watching the World Cup, and enjoying a spicy tuna roll, this comes on the tube.

Even though the sound was muted, I gotta huge kick of it.

An early 4th of July gift:

See the making off, here.

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