Monday, June 7, 2010

Successful MPS Conference Is Further Validation for Managed Print Services Industry

Conference attendance more than doubles; attendees enthusiastic about program

LEXINGTON, KY – June 4, 2010 – To say the managed print services market is growing would be an understatement. As evidence, consider the powerful participation in the recent MPS Conference hosted by Photizo Group. Attendance more than doubled from the 2009 event, from 135 in 2009, to 290 at the 2010 gathering in San Antonio, TX.

“As one attendee noted, the conference and swelling number of attendees is yet another confirmation that MPS isn’t a sales pitch it’s not just a strategy, it’s THE business strategy for the industry,” said Ed Crowley, CEO of Photizo Group.

In an effort to reach a wider audience, portions of the conference were Webcast live. The virtual audience doubled the number of attendees, with 490 page views on the first day alone. Video is available at

Information That Matters

“The industry is evolving so quickly, it’s important to stay ahead. Events sponsored by Photizo Group are where you get both in-depth knowledge about what’s happening in the industry and the little nuggets of information you can't get anywhere else,” said MPSA President Jim Fitzpatrick.

Whatever MPS pros and users were looking for to grow their programs, many found it at the MPS Conference. The event catered to the needs of multiple audiences, from vendors and end users, from MPS novices to mature programs. “It was exciting to see all of the people taking notes. That shows the information resonates with everyone,” noted Greg Walters of a dealer workshop on compensation models.

“I found the conference to be invaluable and an outstanding opportunity for education, vendor and partner networking, and creating new relationships, which facilitate our company’s advancement within the MPS capability maturity model,” said Jim Ryave, ISS Solutions.

Competitive Comparisons and Constructive Contacts

Attendees from various backgrounds and stages of MPS adoption attended the conference. Many noted the advantages of learning from the experience of companies that had already implemented MPS programs. The venue made it easy to network and make those valuable contacts. By leveraging the lessons learned by others, attendees learned what doesn’t work, as well as what does.

Other attendees found the conference gave them a competitive read on the industry. With so many players and presenters under one roof, attendees were exposed to many perspectives to help define their own place and path in the MPS industry. From learning the ropes to leading best practices, the MPS Conference covered a lot of ground. Some attendees were just starting out, and came to learn what they needed to do to implement and plan an MPS strategy. Others who are currently in RFP for MPS wanted insight into what the industry considers MPS. Channel players wanted to gain a clearer understanding of MPS and how to offer a successful program to dealers.

Outstanding Professionalism Recognized

In addition to sessions and networking, the conference was a highly visible opportunity to recognize and honor excellence in MPS initiatives. The Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) presented a number of MPS Leadership Awards, demonstrating that the market has achieved a high level of sophistication and excellence across a spectrum of MPS players.

Honors were given out in a number of categories, including corporate end users, manufacturers, MPS infrastructure components and logistics, and MPS vendors.

More information about the awards can be found at

The 2011 event will be the Americas Conference and will include a broader base of South America and Latin America attendees. Several exhibitors have already signed up for next year’s conference in Orlando. In addition, one-day regional forums will be added in other North America & South America regions, including Brazil. As the MPS industry continues to evolve, so do the MPS Conferences.

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